Saturday, June 27, 2015

Peer pressure

Apparently the concept of peer pressure is ageless - not only for the young and foolish.  I've watched everyone in the neighborhood plant flowers and baskets.  I didn't want to be "the new kid on the block" who didn't play the game.  

So against my better judgement I succumbed today and hit the garden centers early this morning. Naturally I waited too long and all the pretty annuals were long gone and all that was left were some straggly plants, and I'm not even sure what some of them are.  But after the third garden center I just grabbed anything.  Oh the shame!

I figured boring plants would be better than none.  Do you see the cute white picket planter inside the garage?  A friend made it for my birthday and today I painted it white and put in a few flowers.  It now sits by my back door

And I got the second coat of paint on my steps.  I have to admit for a few days I had "color regret" about the red paint but after a second coat, it's starting to grow on me. 

Note the pretty pit of flowers on the step.  Now I wish I had bought 2 of them

I had some plants left over so I just stuck them in a few pots by the back door.

I have to admit, albeit begrudgingly, I feel better with a few flowers around.  Maybe next year I will do better and start earlier. 

And I found this cute decoration to hang on my front door at the Dollar Store 

I forgot to mention in my last post that I think the water problem in the basement has been fixed.  The Permacrete people were here and did their thing.  They fixed the bad corner and part of the side wall.  They were polite, efficient and the price was reasonable.  And they have a great warranty so hopefully that is the last of my water woes.  


  1. I will admit, I stalk the "not in such good shape and this is half off" section of my garden center. The plants may be a bit sad looking the first season, but usually repay your love (and water) back the next year. LOL And I still LOVE your red steps!! Good news about your water leak.

  2. Your flowers are pretty. Love your new planter you painted white, so nice!

  3. Hi Kim, you busy gal. :) I love your red stairs and the cute planter box. Flowers look nice where you've put them too.

    Have a great week. Janet W

  4. I love the red front porch!
    The flowers look great. Just don't forget to water them. Ha-ha!

  5. Good luck with your new flowers. I love that new white picket fence planter.
    I love having flowers around. I always have had a love of flowers but mine are mostly perennials. They bloom and then they are gone until next year and they grow so big they need dividing. I'm over populated with perennials and I'm being run ragged with constant weeding. I'll give you all you want... Just come and get them....

    I'm glad you got the water leak fixed.

  6. Look at you getting all gardeny! Love it. It if ever stops raining here maybe our plants will do better. we have one good 2 days of rain. I have to say the new gutters we put on are doing their job. Love the red steps.

  7. Well haven't you become quite the domesticated home owner. Things are really taking shape there and so very glad your basement corner has been sealed. Hope no more leakage!!!!

  8. LOVE the red porch and flowers always add a nice touch. Just caught up on the few blog posts I missed...oh fun. Glad you got everything taken care of. Hope this weeks goes well for you.

  9. It all looks wonderful. So nice to see you settling in.

  10. The red steps add to the cottage look of your home and so do the flowers. I have over the years opted for hardy perenials whenever I can so theres abit of colour that returns each year. perennial violas ( little pansy like flowers) manage to suvive the snow, but then again, our snow is rarely like your snow, for soooo long!
    And I also opt for plants that keep their leave sin winter so theres a green hue amongst the rain, hail and snow, surprisingly, greens can also be so reassuring when the short dull dark days arrive!
    I agree too about the straggly plants, with abit of care and after replanting they generally are so pleased they will blossom out of kindness to us!
    Make sure you add abit of feed to the water in the pots to give them a tonic : )

  11. I think all looks so beautiful, pretty flower pots. Glad the water problem is solved,Blessings Francine.

  12. It's looking cute!! We know all about "Keeping Up WIth the Joneses" here!! We got a very rare early start because we had a big graduation party for my daughter two weeks ago... Lots of work, but it forced hubby (and me) to get a lot done around the yard!! Since then we've done....almost nothing!!! Ha!