Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sweet and savory

I love to cook and try new recipes but it can be a bit risky. Especially if you are trying to stick to a food budget and plan meals for a few days of leftovers.  However the other day I saw a recipe online and it sounded so good I decided to risk 2 pork tenderloins and try it.  Maple Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin.  Here is the link to the recipe.

I worried all day that if this recipe was a bust, I'd have nothing for supper.  But I worried for nothing.  This one is a keeper.  It was incredible.  I even made the sauce at the end.  I served it with French onion scalloped potatoes and artichokes.  YUMMMMM

And look at this pretty omelet I made for breakfast - mushroom, chicken and chives.  And it didn't even break when I flipped it 

I thought today I should step it up in the kitchen and eat properly.  Since yesterday I had a donut for breakfast, birthday cake for lunch and cheese and crackers for supper.   Sad but true.  

The calendar says it's the first day of summer but I think it took a detour.  I had my furnace on this morning for awhile.  Cold and damp is getting old, really, really old.  

That's all the news from here.  Have a great week.


  1. Oh you're a funny gal and always enjoy your posts. Both the dinner and breakfast sounds delicious. I just purchased a new over-proof skillet so that I can make a vegetable frittata soon.

    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Yummmmmm that pork dish sure sounds good. I will check out the link.
    Your yesterday meals sound like my every day meals lol. I do that a lot.

    Your omelet sounds yummy too looks good :) I just might try it.

    Here the weather is warm...a little too warm and humid. I think I turned the heaters off a couple weeks ago. Can we trade weather? :)

    Gotta run, take care, have a great week. Janet W

  3. Mmmm...that tenderloin recipe sure sounds tasty! And that looks like the perfect omelet! We had eggs, bacon and toast this morning, a little fancier than my usual oatmeal! LOL

  4. Hey, you're becoming the Queen of the Kitchen!
    That omelet is perfect.
    Cool and damp? I'll trade ya with some blazing hot and humid.

  5. I'm not much for cooking but love to make omelets...yours looked quite good...I top mine with crushed red pepper or hot the red for your porch...

  6. I am interested to look at different menus. But don't have so much of interest in cooking. Feel frightened if it doesn't come well. I love omelets. But now i am advised to take only white part of it. Your omelet looks yummy...

  7. Oh yummy, love a good omelet. Happy First Day of Summer Kim,Blessings Francine.

  8. ohhh it all sounds so good. we were rainy on Sat night sunday morning but it cleared up and became so nice. I baked some chicken for casseroles and sandwiches. I also made meatball sandwiches for fathers day.

  9. Nice pic of you cooking! (hehe!) Your recipes sound good. Congrats on embracing your cooking Diva! We have the damp but it's muggy and warm. I just want to see the sun!

  10. Kim, you can come and cook for me any day. You are making me hungry. Lately my meals have been rush, rush, rush except this week while my daughter and family are visiting.
    Keep up the great work.