Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Holiday

O Canada!  

July 1st came with great summer weather.  There were lots of events downtown but I decided to stick to my plan.  I woke up early and decided to get busy before it got too hot.  I know, just a few days ago I was complaining I was cold.  Welcome to Nova Scotia where you can experience all 4 seasons in a few days.  Lol 

I admit for a few minutes this morning I waffled a bit on whether or not I would work in the house or go out and play. But common sense prevailed and I quickly started painting before I changed my mind.  

In progress -  goodbye blue

And here's the new warmer color. Much better I think 

It's not a very sexy color but I like it. I still need to paint the ceiling because now it looks bad compared to the new walls.  I think I have enough white paint left over from the kitchen project a while back. Now I need to work on some pillow shams and a few pieces for the walls. And then this room will be done.  

And to treat myself for the holiday I bought a a couple of small filet mignon steaks, fried mushrooms and made a twice baked potato casserole.  Mmmmmmm

All in all it was a great day.


  1. And today at our house it was "Molson's Canadian Day." It's as close as we could get.

  2. Happy Canada Day to you. Enjoy your extra long weekend and be sure to take some time to play.
    Twice baked potato casserole. Yum! Care to share the recipe?
    Hugs :)

  3. Good job on the project! You deserve a great meal!

  4. Very nice color. Please be sure to post pictures when you get finished. I love to see other's decorating ideas.

    That dinner looks great!! I'm not really fond of mushrooms, but you saute them with butter and garlic, add a steak, and yum yum!

  5. Love the new color! I'm sure the final outcome will be really pretty. Your dinner looks marvelous! Enjoy and Happy Holiday to you!

  6. It's my favorite neutral color.
    Great dinner and it looks like there enough for another meal or a friend.

    The casserole looks yummy also.

    Happy Canada Day. We celebrated with some nice red lobsters and beer.

  7. It does look like a nice day. I think it looks very pretty. Very nice work. Your dinner looks good too. I hope you have a great weekend off.

  8. Happy Canada Day to you! Color looks great!

  9. Ohhhh love the new color. And the yummy food. :)

    Happy Canada Day!
    Take care, Janet W

  10. Cute t-shirt! I bought my husband a paper weight with the same words.
    I see you are moving right along with the painting, Kim. Maybe you'll get it finished today!

  11. Great job Kim, great painting so far. ! Yummy food, Blessings Francine.

  12. Dinner looks the new color...the blue would have depressed me too!