Friday, July 31, 2015

The Great Escape and a secret

Sweet little Abby had a little Houdini moment today.  You see, a friend loaned me this great wire enclosure.  It's perfect for when I leave the house.  Abby is safe and she can see so she doesn't feel so trapped etc.  

So this afternoon I went to the grocery store.  I put her in, listened to a bit of whining on my way out the door, and didn't worry.  I came home an hour later to find THIS

There she was, in her favorite spot, looking pleased as punch.  OMG, I panicked.  I don't know how I didn't drop the groceries (and break the eggs).   How did she get out??  Is she ok?  Did she climb out of it?

Meanwhile while I'm flipping out, standing there in stunned disbelief, she is happily wagging her tail and licking my leg.  Then I made a closer inspection of "the scene of the crime"

The friggin little bugger figured out the bottom of one joint wasn't fastened and she was FREE! 

Well, I do admire her ingenuity but let me tell you......I have since sealed off the "escape hatch" with duct tape.  Good luck next time Miss Smarty Pants!  I will say, she was very well behaved during her little adventure.  Nothing out of place or destroyed and no accidents.   Not to say there aren't still accidents, just none that particular time. 

Now for the secret part.  I had to laugh at some of your comments on my stuffed peppers (Angela and Kelley).   I don't like peppers either.  Yuck!  But they do look pretty and they make a lovely container for the stuffing part.  I just eat the insides and throw out the pepper.  Sometimes if I'm having company I'll cook with peppers , just because the colors make the food look prettier but I don't eat them.  Lol

And Kelley, I used to call cauliflower "monkey brains" when I was a kid.  Wouldn't touch them!  


  1. I've missed reading about sweet Abby coming to live with you! She is precious, and it sounds like she is the perfect dog for you! Yay! xo

  2. Looks like somebody..or some doggie was smarter than the enclosure! How could you even get mad at something that cute anyway! I must have missed the pepper post...I'm a bit behind in commenting these days. My kids always loved stuffed peppers but only because the meat picked up the flavor of the peppers and they would also toss the pepper part! Have a good weekend!

  3. Abby is so cute and smart. This is just the beginning. She will be showing you some doggie smarts. Glad she was on good behavior.

    I really love peppers and I grow them in my garden. I love them in salad, in stir fry, casseroles, stuffed and I love pickled Jalapenos. I could never throw them out.

  4. She does look proud of herself. I think that is a cute face.

  5. She is adorable. Maybe next time, a fence climb!

  6. You've got one smart cookie (uh, puppy) on your hands and just like a mom I'm sure you sorta chuckled at her inguinity; I know I would. I ditto what Julia said!!!! Loving your posts about Abby.

  7. LOL - funny little Abby!

    When we first got Gabe he escaped from everything - just didn't like being enclosed. So I finally just gave up and left him out and he was fine.

  8. they are tricky those puppies. Oh come on eat some veggies they are good for you.

  9. Awwww! I love that she was in her favorite spot! What if you made the cage encompass that spot? Heeheehee, I mean don't spoil her or anything! ;) I didn't like even the flavor of peppers when I was a kid, so I wouldn't even eat the filling from the peppers, but now I will eat peppers and nobody makes them anymore...I ought to get on that, but always forget!