Friday, July 3, 2015

Fast cars, Wild women

Lol.  A lethal combination right!  The girls went on a little road trip today.  This was our ride....  (I wish this was parked in my driveway everyday)

What's better than a sunny summer day with friends and a hot red mustang convertible?  Nothing!

We cruised through the county road with hair whipping everywhere and music blaring.  We ended up on the Fundy Shore in Parrsboro.  First stop was Sweet Briar Boutique.  Dresses were 40-60% off.  We had a little fashion show and I think we all came home with something.  Next stop, Henry and Lucy's - a fun, eclectic little shop.  Everything from antique, funky, repurposed and completely unique.  Check out Deannes blog post about it.

I picked up this fabulous martini painting.  It's going to hang in my den.  I just love it. It's bright and funky. And as a bonus, I talked her down in price a bit.  Wheeee

Next stop - lunch on the wharf.  Scallops and fried clams! 

And of course you need to stop at the giant beach chairs.  Big chairs, little girls at heart!  


  1. Your day sounds so fun!!! And your new martini picture is perfect. Why am I not surprised that your ride was RED? LOL

  2. WOW!! Love the Mustang. Sounds like you had a great day.

    Love the giant chairs. :)

    Have a great weekend, Janet W

  3. How fun! (It should be; it's the Bay of FUNdy, right?)

  4. You're a young girl at heart and I'm glad you're living it up... I can see you're attracted to red lately. Live it up while you can. The red convertible Mustang looks like a lot of fun ride, the seafood looks yummy.... Summer time and the living is easy.

    Have a great weekend. you deserve it.

  5. Looks like fun Kim and good finds

  6. When I read Deanne's blog post the other day about a road trip with gal pals thought you'd be in the mix. Am sure you hot women had a cool time. Will go check out her blog update now.

  7. Kim,
    You went from nesting to wild woman in a big!
    Sounds like a fun time.
    Hugs :)

  8. What fun!!! It looks like you had the best day!

  9. Great fun, love that red mustang. Such a cute picture of you girls in the big chair, blessings ,francine

  10. That's what I call a perfect day! Cool car, hot bargains, yummy food and gal pals just enjoying it all!

  11. What a fun day! We took a convertible ride on Saturday too. Beautiful sunny day - have to take advantage of those when you can! Love the new print!