Sunday, July 26, 2015

She's settled in

First, thanks for the warm welcome you all gave Abby.  She has adjusted perfectly. In fact, I can hardly believe she's only been here a couple of days.  It's like we've been buddies forever. 

She is the perfect combination of playful puppy and cuddly couch potato. 

With her jet black fur and black eyes it's hard to get a good picture of her.  She loves her squeaker toys

She's a bit of a picky eater but that could just be from the transition. She has only had one little "accident" which was mainly my fault. 

Our first night didn't exactly go as planned however.  At 11pm we went to bed.  I had her kennel all ready.  In she went and it was all downhill from there.  Lol. I anticipated some crying and whimpering for a few minutes.  I did not anticipate howling, wailing and screaming like a banshee for the next 2 hours.  Oh and did I mention the hurling herself at the sides of the kennel??  

I tried patience but at the 2 hour mark I made an executive decision. I got her and put her in bed with me.  I know, I know.......bad!  But she snuggled in and didn't move until 7am.   I figure all dogs eventually end up on the bed so why wait?   Yes, I know it's bad but the banshee cry was worse. 


  1. Good morning! Abby is a real cutie! I don't know if I could have done two hours. I don't let my dog in the bed, but he tips the scales at 100 pounds, so there's really not enough room for all of us. LOL He does have me well trained when it comes to bedtime, though. He has one bed, it moves from the bedroom to the kitchen every day. When he's ready for bed, he gives a little "woof" and I know it's time to get that bed moved! LOL

  2. I think if sleeping with you gives you both comfort then it's perfect. I slept on the cold bathroom tile floor for a couple of weeks with Clarice until she was big enough to crawl up the side of our bed herself. She sleeps between us like a little person with her head out from under the covers and a pillow.

  3. I never could have lasted 2 hours. I am so glad she is a snuggler. I am sure that you and her are like bread and butter. She is adorable. I love her black coat. I have never seen a poodle puppy before. When I first saw the picture I wondered why you had got a Portuguese water dog. :) I am glad she is small.
    Dogs just make a house feel like home.

  4. Not at all bad! There is nothing wrong with having animal companions sleeping with you. I can hardly get to sleep without the company of a cat, or two, or three.
    I've never approved of human children sleeping with their parents, but cats and dogs are just fine! LOL!

  5. Little bugger knows what she wants already. Sounds like you two are a perfect fit. Hope she can handle your going to work!

  6. I couldn't have taken two hours either.

  7. Abby already has you wrapped around your little paw.
    Sleep with a dog??? Ellie sleeps UNDER the covers and occasionally come up for fresh air. Never a dull moment with a furbaby. So happy she is settling in so well. I am thrilled for you.
    Hugs :)

  8. sounds like the both of you are all settled in. Good luck with the change in her schedule when you go back to work.

  9. Oh, Kim, what an adorable little baby. Poodles are so wonderful, smart too, my Mother has one. I don't blame you putting her up with you, she needs her new mama, and you're right, she'll eventually end up there. I gave up trying to get dogs to sleep separately from me about 30 years ago, haha. I love her name too :) You may not even see this comment, as my emails always bounce back to me, ggrrrrrr. Melinda

  10. Hey, if you're both happy, what the heck can be wrong?
    Puppies need to feel love too. I'm glad you have a bed companion that is not demanding.
    Have a great relationship.

  11. I would have caved too! So cute...enjoy !

  12. Oh Kim, she is just too cute! And Abby is a sweet name. This sounds like a perfect fit. I am happy for you. Give that sweet little critter a hug for me. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  13. First point goes to Abby! haha...banshee. Have fun with her!

  14. Is it okay to say that I am glad you caved? She is adorable!