Thursday, July 30, 2015


Someone dropped me off a bag of peppers.  They looked almost too pretty to eat. 

 I decided to try a different stuffed pepper recipe.  I found 3 recipes online and took a bit from each and made it my own.  I hope I can remember it next time.  A couple of them ended up in the freezer.  

Miss Abby insisted in supervising.  She's developed a fondness for a certain spot in the kitchen by the back door.  She likes to lay on my old dirty sneakers that I use for mowing the lawn.  They are old, gross and torn.   She doesn't chew them, she just naps on them.  So, yet another quirk emerges.  Lol

This is her favorite spot while I'm having my morning coffee.  Every morning it's the same.  

She stretches out against my leg and looks particularly annoyed when I have to move.

I tried to post this last night but for a few days my internet has been temperamental. But yesterday and earlier today it was just plain annoying! This morning I spent some time on the phone with tech support and it seems better.  Photos or webpages wouldn't load.  Apps wouldn't update.  Connections just dropped.  Grrrrr. Hopefully it's fixed.  


  1. Those stuffed peppers looks so good. Abby looks so much at home. It's definitely Millie in Abby's fur coat.
    The same thing happened to us last year and it was our modem that was giving us problem and it was replaced by a better one.
    I'm in on a break. and I'm on my way out again clipping the top of the hedge in that heat.

  2. Those stuffed peppers look very tasty, but I only eat the inside of stuffed peppers, never the pepper. I don't like peppers. I know, weird, but I only like the TASTE of peppers, not the pepper. LOL Make sense? LOL

    Abbey looks like she has move in. What a sweet baby.

  3. Your dinner looks yummy and just think, you've more of the same in the freezer. Abby is delightfully happy to have you as her mom. Good choice m'dear.

  4. Nice peppers Kim, and love your sweet Abby,.Blessings Francine.

  5. I love all the pics of Abby - what a sweetie!

    The peppers look yummy!

  6. oh I love stuffed peppers great for freezing for later. she is cute and seems to be settling in just fine.

  7. I have been away from blogging for a bit. I am so happy to see you have a sweet new baby. Wise move letting her sleep in your bed the first night. She would certainly have ended up sleeping with you at some point anyway.

  8. Peppers and puppies! What fun!

  9. LOL Peppers and Puppies that's cute. I've never had stuffed peppers. I chop up green and red ones in my potato salad.
    Miss Abby is just too cute.

    Take care, Janet W

  10. Miss Abby looks like she's always been there...congrats on finding each for stuffed peppers...never! Mom used to try and make me eat them when Dad was away at dinner time...he didn't eat them either...stewed monkey brains...

  11. I love stuffed peppers...but not as much as I love that puppy.

  12. What pretty peppers! I bet they tasted great. Abbie is so cute. I love that picture of her on your shoes.

  13. Hi Kim,
    Those peppers look delicious and I love them in fajitas!! Not a fan of the green ones though! Bet they were yummy!
    Your Abby is ADORABLE!! So happy you found each other!!! It looks like LOVE!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Warm Hugs~