Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An unpleasant truth

Since I was not really thrilled about the end of vacation and the return to routine, I thought I would dress up in one of my new outfits, to make the first day of work more pleasant.  I had bought several new pairs of dress pants for "Santa" to give me.   I had the outfit all picked out - accessories and all. 

I put on the pants.  Hmmmm, did someone move the button??   That's odd.......  So (still in denial) I put on another new pair.  Same damn button issue!  I could fasten them but there is NO WAY I could sit in them all day.  I had to resort to wearing an old pair of "fat pants".  (Come on girls, we all have them)  This was not helping my back-to-work mood.
I figured I may have gained a pound or two over the holidays but this was waaaaay beyond that.  I don't regularly get on the scales but I do know what I weighed the last time.  And that damn needle went well past that number!!   (OK, since we are friends I will tell you but please keep it a secret....8 pounds!!)

So apparently sitting on your butt for 2-3 weeks eating every known cake, cookie and appetizer has a price.  Sooooo depressing!  So tonight after a "light supper" I went to Walmart and bought the Active Sports Personal Trainer for Wii.   And then, instead of opening the package, I sat down to hook.  LOL

But look at the results.....
I always donate a hooked rug to a cancer fund raiser in February so this curly sheep might be the one.


  1. Kim, I don't have the nerve to weigh myself yet as I have company coming on the weekend. Meaning, I am not finished gorging yet. As I type this I have my teeth sinking into a candy..more in my pocket...

    Love your sheep and that is such a good deed.
    Keep on hooking eeerrr get out that Wii...

  2. Sorry to hear about the extra pounds but don't worry you will be able to get it off in no time. I just loooovvveee the sheep rug. Wow. I think of all the sheep I have seen this is the best design yet. I just love the head and the curling and swirling. I am so glad you shared it. I think if you donate it their will be alot of excitment with that one. Don't overdo it with the wii at first. Don't get any injuries. Lisa

  3. OMG Kim ~
    That sheep is too cute. I love how you've hooked it. What a thoughtful thing to donate it for a fundraiser.
    Hey, I win. Two Christmases ago I gained fourteen pounds, yes one-four. Last year it was four. When my fat pants no longer fit (again), thankfully I was motivated this year and took off those 18 pounds. Still have a few more to go...sigh. It just goes on SO MUCH FASTER than it goes off, don'tcha know?
    I would think just owning a Personal Trainer for Wii would take off the pounds...lol!
    Hugs :)

  4. I do not get on the scale but I have the botton problem also. I bet if I got on the scale it would say get off me! I am watching biggest loser while writing this it makes me feel better I am not 500+ pounds. ok I could be if I do not stop! I love your sheep! it is so cute.
    diet tomorrow

  5. Sorry, but I did have to laugh. I wouldn't get on the scale a week before I was supposed to because I knew it would be bad. But, hey, you did the right thing, you started hooking that sheep. I love your honesty.
    I just figured I had a nice Christmas. :)I bet you did too.

  6. Kim, It's so nice of you to donate to the cancer fundraiser. He is the cutest!!!!
    And a little secret...they now make button things that are like tie tacks. You just slide the button over to where you need it for a while. I started Weight Watchers last Friday. Gained one pound since then!?!? Damned Christmas cookies...
    xoxo, Sheri

  7. I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting of the year last night. Love the new point system.

  8. Oh Kim, That sheep is the cutest. I love how you did the curly hair and I love those neutral colors. We all gain some weight around the Holidays and I did too... We need a little more fat to keep us warm in cold weather. Now the trick is to use a smaller plate and no starchy food like bread, potatoes and pasta after lunch. I can eat a steak and salad for supper without gaining but the starch turns into sugar and stays on as I'm less active after supper. I'm sure that you will loose that little extra weight shortly.
    Kim I admire your honesty. JB

  9. Baaa! Love that sheep....nice and round LOL...don't worry about the weight....put in a little exercise every day and cut down on portions and cut out the sweets...my rule is to eat nothing white :-) and lots of protien...but NO red meat....
    It IS so nice to sit and hook...instead of exercising....BUT we want to hook for a LOOONG time :-) so I figure there got to be a way to hook on the exercise bike LOL

  10. Well.... as long as we're all being so honest here, I just polished off the last of the egg nog. My reward for taking my Mom's dog for a walk in the freezing temps. here today! Kim, 8 lbs isn't that bad.... as long as you lose it before next Christmas!
    LOve love your rug........ and what a great rug for a fund raiser. Who could resist a curly sheep!
    Cathy G

  11. Hi Kim, I love the Sheep, It looks wonderful! Cheri

  12. Oh Kim I feel your pain! I am in sooo much denial about the weight I have put on. But you can get rid of that!
    I LOVE the rug, am particularly fond of sheep. Can't wait to see it finished,

  13. Ha! Ha! Ha! Someone keeps moving my buttons too! ;-) Love the way you wrote this... makes it feel ever so much more normal! The sheep is fabulous with those curly swirlies! :-)

  14. Hehehe!!! The hooking looks great, you got a lot done! Is the Personal Trainer still tucked away in his box???
    Oh, why can't we just eat and enjoy? Life just isn't fair!!!

  15. Kim, I have a Wii too and last night, I was bowling, playing tennis and dancing to tunes from the sixties! I didn't gain any over Christmas however, have gained over the last year! Use an elastic on those buttons for now.

    Besides, I am built for comfort, not for speed! I hate exercising!

  16. I love your post! The rug is so cute! I am trying very hard to finish one that should have been done a month ago..Where does the time go?
    Is there anything better than hooking and eating?

  17. The solutiion to be button problem is to buy pants with an elastic waist band!! It is so haard not to gain during the holidays - I get that stuffed pit feeling for weeks afterwards. Love your sheep. I can't believe how much you have done in such a short time. Happy hooking!

  18. Kim, the pant thing! Me too! And probably about 4011 other of us. I won't get on the scale till I get back on the treadmill :) The curly sheep rug is darling :)

  19. Kim, this happened to me too over the last year. Now I either have to lose the 8 pounds or buy bigger clothes. I refuse to buy bigger clothes, so it is going to be light eating for me!

  20. You should bring your Wii to work and we can all get in shape together!!

    Love the rug!!!!

  21. Wow! Now you know you're not alone!! Before Christmas, I lost 7#'s ~ put it all back on ~ of course, there's a whole bunch of other unwanted pounds on me, too ~ so as soon as I finish blog reading, I'm off to the treadmill!!! Good luck! We're all in this together!!!!!! And I love your sheep rug, too!

  22. Girlfriend I am so afraid to even think about what I gained over the holidays. Sad so sad.
    I keep promising myself I am going to join Weight Watchers or something. I am going to add a page to my site about loosing weight so maybe we can it together.
    Love ya and your toes

  23. Kim, don't worry to much about it. When you get back to a regular eating schedule it will go away.
    I love the swirly sheep and the curls down his forehead. Very creative.

  24. Same problem here!! I decided I HAVE to do something about it today when at work a friend walked past the door talking to me and mistaking me for what I consider a MUCH larger friend with an apple shape! Yes. gotta do something about this!!!
    Your sheep is a beautiful and very generous donation!!

  25. Looks like you have lots of company! I wish I had only gained 8 pounds. Here's to a healthy New Year!

  26. Oh Kim, You crack me up! I went back to the gym last night after work....have to say I'm a little sore this morning :) I admire those who can exercise at home....I've never been very good at that.....let us know how the wii work out is!
    Cute rug by the way....That had to burn at least a FEW calories!