Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mid week report

Not a great week so far.  After going to bed Sunday night, I was visited by "the stomach flu".  Finally started keeping food down yesterday afternoon.  The only positive thing is that I lost 3 pounds but would not recommend this as a diet plan.  

Now we are awaiting another un-welcome visitor - The snow storm that has battered New England for the past 24 hours.  It is already in parts of Nova Scotia and is supposed to arrive here in a few hours.   Did I mention I hate January??

Whenever it starts to snow I think about my Grandmother.  She would always insist someone take her to the store for "Bread and Milk" as soon as she heard a weather report calling for snow.  She always said we would be OK if we had enough bread and milk for a few days.   I always teased her  but it has become imprinted in my brain.  So at lunch time......I went and bought bread and milk!  I'm sure she is looking down and laughing at me.

As I am typing I see a few stray snow flakes falling by the window.  Better dig out the candles just in case.  We have already lost our electricity 3 times this winter, so I think -- better safe than sorry.


  1. I hope you don't loose your power, and I hope it isn't a bad snow storm. I have been watching it on Accu Weather. I am so sorry you had the stomach flu. I hope you feel better now.
    I will be praying for you,

  2. I hope you don't lose your electricity. And if so not for very long.
    Sorry to hear you had the flu, but the weight loss is a nice benefit. I guess.
    It has been so cold here 12 degree's right now that I haven't been out of the house since Sunday.

  3. Glad you feel better! Hope you don't lose your electricity. ~And love your grandmother's advice...I hear little sayings mine used to say over and over...those little pieces of advice were great!!

  4. I am also glad your doing better! Stay warm and
    hopefully you'll keep the light and heat on.Take care, Cheri

  5. The snowstorm is subsiding here in Southern Maine we received 16 inches of fresh fallen snow. I do hope you feel well soon, tis the season for nasty viruses. Maybe with a little luck businesses will close tomorrow and you can have a day to yourself, well with auntie and your mom. BTW, I love the way you hooked the sheep in your lastest rug, very pretty. Blessings to you, Julie.

  6. The snow is just about done here. and clean up is finished. We did not lose power but we did not have the wind the coast did. So not sure if you are on the coast. I hope you don't lose power it is really hard esp with your mom and aunt. make some toast and have a cup of milk and weather the storm

  7. Kim,
    I hope you are resting up and regaining your strength from that flu! Milk toast is recommended for calming the upset stomach. An old family remedy easy to make. Toast the bread and scald the milk. Pour over buttered toast in a bowl and season very lightly with ground pepper. It always made me feel better!
    And you have the ingredients on hand!
    Hope you keep the power on!
    Cathy G

  8. Oh, I love it!!! We had milk toast when we were sick as kids. We put sugar on ours!
    What a way to lose weight! Yuck!!! But do the pants fit yet???

    Hope the snow storm doesn't hit too hard. We only got a few inches, but from the weather map it looks a lot worse in your area. Bundle up and try to keep warm!

  9. Kim, I sensed that something had happened to you since I didn't see your comments on blogs for a few days and I was going to email you this evening because I was concerned and then I saw that you left a comment on Field Of Dreams today.

    I always worry when my friends suddenly don't appear on blogger or RHD and all sorts of scenarios plays in my head. I'm a worrywart and I got it from my dad.

    We used crumbled dried bread and add milk with a bit of sugar when we were young and it was a treat way back then.

    I'm so glad that you are feeling better. I've missed you. I hope that you keep your power and that the storm isn't too bad. JB

  10. Kim ~
    The flu diet is not a good way to lose weight. I'm glad you are feeling.
    Hopefully the weather-guessers were wrong and you didn't get the storm that was predicted.
    We have been quite lucky this year. We've probably only gotten 4-5" in the last couple of days when they were predicting lots more. No complaints from me ;-)
    Stay warm!

  11. Growing up we always got bread and milk before a big storm. Now I make sure to have chocolate chips ready in case I feel the need to bake cookies.

  12. Honey I so thought of you when I saw the weather report. I felt so bad for you guys and this sissy here in Tx is complaining. lol
    23 here makes me cry for spring so I can not even imagine what your going through.
    Sweet story about your grandmother. Oh how I miss mine.
    Stay warm and glad you have not given up on winning a giveaway from me. Who knows just keep trying. This one you can enter everyday. Acorn Hallow has one too

  13. Hi Kim, I hope you are feeling better. Keep a good thought for the power and all will be well. Milk toast with sugar is a good cure for everything - at least it was when I was a kid.