Sunday, January 23, 2011

This and That

I'm back from my little imaginary vacation.  I guess the blast of cold air when I went outside with Millie snapped me back to reality.  Brrrr....

I went back through my photos from this summer to try and remember what it was like to see green grass and real warm sandy beaches.
Ahhhhh, that makes me feel a little better.   I suppose before you know it I will be complaining about the heat instead of the cold.  LOL

Today I am making a pot of "Stoup".  Its a cross between soup and stew.  I think it was Julie over at Hookworm who coined the term stoup.  I love it.

Between weekend chores, I did make some progress on the auction rug.
I love the background.  The wool has shades of burgundy, green, navy, charcoal.  I have also added some wool yarn into it, just to mix it up a bit. Here is another close up of the background.
I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.


  1. Ahhhh that view is wonderful!! Thanks, I feel warmer already!
    You are coming along smashingly well with the rug...god job!!

  2. I wouldn't mind a bowl of "stoup" right about now. :-) Great colors in the mat!

  3. Kim ~
    I love how the background is coming! Please show us the whole thing soon.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. I really like looking at your hooking, like maybe I am sitting and learning though your pictures. It helps me so much. I enjoy looking at your finished projects too.

    I thought I would let you know, I live in the weird part of California. We have fog and no sun and cold and drippy weather. The sun may come out but it stays around 55 or 60, Now the L.A. Part of California they get sunshine and 70 to 80 degree temps. I start longing for beaches and green grass just like you. I have to wear lots of coats all day. So I am with you, on the sunny beaches. :)

  5. oh I could picture myself with a large glass of wine in one of those chairs. aaaahhhhhhh.
    I love your colors they are going to go crazy over it

  6. Kim, the rug looks gorgeous. The colors are fabulous!
    NO, I will NEVER complain of the heat. I'd rather be hot than cold so bring on summer! I need a stint at the beach myself! I love the photo!

  7. Kim, Your summer scene is just what I need on a cold day like today. Here in Ottawa it's -27C.

    Your rug is coming along really well.

    I'm getting a lot of warmth from holding my new grandson. He's such a joy to hold. I get to feed and change him too. JB

  8. This weather we are having is definitely stoup weather. The rug is gorgeous. You have great taste.

  9. Kim...I actually think my pup looks alot like you dog! Everytime I see your header, I think he/she looks like Scoobie! Cute!!