Friday, January 21, 2011

Jamaica me crazy

Oh wouldn't it be nice.  White sands, soft breezes, warm sunshine,
tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas......

Well, not for me.  I'm stuck here while more snow is falling outside.  But I am so
sick of snow and cold and January in general.

It is Jamaican me crazy!!
Since a tropical holiday is out of the question I guess I will just have to settle
for a short 15 minute virtual trip as I sip this coconut coffee and
imagine I'm on a beach with a cute Cabana Boy catering to my every whim.
Hmmmm, somehow the sound of icicles falling off the side of the house is ruining my vibe.


Nothing to do now except settle in for the night and hook.


  1. You have a very VIVID imagination! Enjoy your trip!!!

  2. Well enjoy your white sand beaches. It sounds like cabin fever is starting to hit you. Really, it's snowing again? Poor you. I won't even hint at my weather.
    But it is nice. I thought you needed a hint. Guess what I have been doing all day? Hooking!!
    My grandson came over and watched me hook that rug and he told me he wanted it in his room. Now I have purpose. :)

  3. Snow , snow , snow! Spring will get here soon enough and all that wonderful snow will make everything green! Hang in there,Cheri

  4. I am with ya honey it snowed today and it could get as cold as -30F brrrrr this weekend. I have hooked a lot of the day but of course I had to roof rake and shovel the walk. I am tucking in for the night. I have been to jamaica twice and it is as nice as it sounds but no cabana boy mmmmm
    your very cold friend

  5. Oh Kim, it is sooooooooooooooocold here. I love your dream. I just stoke up the wood stove and pray for sping.

  6. We cold here too~~~ -10* windchill...yuck!! I have a Keurig...gonna get "Jamaica Me Crazy", mon!!!

  7. I feel so bad for all my blogging friends that are enduring such bad weather! Hang in there, it can't last forever!

  8. My husband got me a Keurig for Christmas, I should try that flavor!

  9. And a Robin coffee mug to boot! I think you've got the right mindset! :-)

  10. LOL!! I have a couple of mugs from one of our trips to Hawaii. Sometimes on these cold, snowy days, I make Kona coffee (from Hawaii)and drink it from my Hawaii mugs and think about the sun and warm sand. Maybe we are both LOOPY! (I know the word of the day was on Wednesday but it seemed to fit.)

  11. Kim, I love your new machine. It looks so impressive as compare to my plain little coffee maker. What you need though is a bit of RUM TO CHASE THOSE DARN WINTER BLUES AWAY.

    December is history and now January is almost gone too, Just hang in there Kim. Before you know it Spring will be singing at your window. Hugs, Julia

  12. Kim ~
    I bet that cute Cabana Boy would like a Canadian hooker!
    I guess you'll just have to cuddle with Millie while you dream.
    Pug hugs :)

  13. Oh honey I am so sorry you have so much snow. Wish you could visit me in the winter. It has been cold here but thank goodness no snow.
    Right now I could use a warm beach myself but for destressing but not from snow. lol
    Thanks honey for coming by and checking on me.
    I am making it but will be so happy when Gary is well.
    Love ya