Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Angel

No, I didn't go outside today and make a snow angel - but I could have.   We got dumped with more snow this morning.  This is the 5th Monday in a row we have had some kind of nasty weather event.

And my snow plow driver went AWOL.  He is supposed to be here first thing in the morning.   Maybe it is because Mom is sick but I get a little antsey when I think I can't get the car out of the yard.  And shovelling my entire driveway is out of the question.  My friends call it a parking lot.  You can park 3 cars across and 3 deep - without crowding. 

I waited until 1:30pm and decided if I made a few tracks it would melt faster etc.  (You know what's coming next, don't you.....)  In an ironic twist of fate - I got stuck!  Arrrgh..... But then my friend Alan drove by the house with a plow on the front of his truck!  He saw me and pulled in and rescued me.  Yippee, my very own Snow Angel!  Ooooooh, and the best part -- Auntie didn't see me get stuck so it is like it never happened!  Baahaahhaaaa

I started another little rug.  For now all you get is a little peek.

I am desperately trying to stretch out the last few hours of vacation.  It is back to work tomorrow.  Sigh....  Vacation days seem to only have 10 hours and back to work days seem to have 39 hours and January seems to have 110 days.


  1. So sorry you got stuck. but glad you had a snow angel. I am with you on the vacation hours and days in Jan. I went back today ugh. I guess I am thankful I have a job?? yes I am.

  2. So glad Auntie didn't see you ~ that's funny!!

  3. Hey thanks for a close up. I have never seen a close up of a brand new project. Well, maybe I can do this after all. I keep trying to get my loops perfect. I must twist my hand a certain way and twist my wool so that is why I pull it out.
    I am so glad you had a angel drive by with a snow plow on the front of his truck to get you out. I am also sad about you having to go back to work, and I am with you, Jan, does have hundreds of days, not just 31.
    I hope you have a nice evening and I got a very pretty Christmas card from the loveliest person ever and and I am sorry your Mom is sick. I hope she gets better soon.

  4. Curious about the type of yarn you are using, Kim. Looks silky around part of the design, or are my eyes playing tricks on me????
    We have had no amount of snow this year...Betcha we will get some tomorrow; I have a hair appointment....

  5. Oh no! lol I'm glad your aunt didn't see you get stuck! You'd never live that one down! You are lucky to have a friend with a snow plow! They don't even plow our road where I live. Oh, they did Christmas Day because they get paid double time! That made me so mad!

    Have a Great Day!

  6. Excited to see what you are hooking!

  7. lol! You summed it up so well in that last sentence! It's always the good times that zip on by! Glad nobody but a snow angel witnessed your getting stuck! ;-) You're making some great mats so far this year!

  8. Have you put spots in your scroll type design or is the wool spot dyed???? Hum a puzzzle - Glad Auntie was missing when you got stuck, never hear the end of some things!!! Pats for Millie from Eloise.

  9. No snow here either...very strange winter...BACK to WORK....such ominous words...

  10. Well, nothing like a good winter adventure to bring out those snow angels. I love the little photo of the kiddie kind and the story of the hero kind.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and look at you, whipping right away!! Maybe we will all change our stripes a little this year. After all, we have all these hooking angels watching over us.

  11. Kim ~
    You nailed it right on the head about vacation/work time and the number of days in January!
    Looking forward to seeing more or your rug.
    Hugs :)