Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

I am going to try and pick a word of the week that sums things up and is reflective of what is going on in my world.   Today's word is "Loopy"

–adjective loop·i·er, loop·i·est.

1. full of loops.

2. Slang . a. eccentric; crazy; dotty.     b. befuddled or confused, esp. due to intoxication.

3. Scot. crafty; sly.
I chose to highlight 2 (b) as the most accurate.  Today I have eaten Advil like M&M's.  Way more than the recommended dosage!   Yesterday I had an appointment at the orthodontist for an adjustment.  He said the next 2 months of treatment will be "hardcore".  He asked if I was ready.
OF COURSE I am hardcore!!!  Plus I didn't want him to think I was a wimp and the faster these darn things come off the better.
He warned me that this would be a major adjustment and I would hate him for the next few days.  He was absolutely correct.  Each time I swallow a handful of Advil I picture this Advil sponsored Race car running him over.....

I was so loopy at work I was at least 1 minute behind everyone else.  We were sitting in a Directors meeting this morning and I was supposed to be controlling the documents on the projector.  Beck kept telling me she posted a specific report.  Then she told me again, and again a minute later.  I thought Geez, who cares......why does she keep telling me this? Does she want a medal or something??   Ummmm, perhaps it was because everyone was waiting for me to put it up on the screen!   Duh! 
And sadly that was not the only example of my over-medicated haze today.  
I bet some of you thought "loopy" would be a rug hooking reference.  LOL


  1. oh so sorry about your mouth. Just be careful you do not over do it on the advil. Now do I sound like a mom or what?

  2. I am #2 and I have also popped Motrin today!

  3. OK, I know it's not funny, IT HURTS!!! But I'm still laughing. The Advil racer bearing down on the good doctor! Hahaha!!!
    Just don't take too many, you don't want stomach ulcers on top of mouth pain.

  4. The cranking down the braces is the total worst. Wow I can still remember that pain. I did have to laugh at loopy because I did think it was a rug hooking reference. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Yes I did think that.
    Sorry about the pain, but I know it will be well worth it. Hope the time goes by really fast.

  6. Advil is enough to make you loopy! The dentist is the most dreaded Dr. in the universe - take it from me - The pain is the pits. Hope you are feeling better. Please tell Millie that Eloise says hello to her.

  7. Kim ~
    Oh, I remember that pain. No fun at all. Maybe a little vino could do you some good :) I hope it gets better soon.
    We love you, loopy or not!
    Hugs :)

  8. Hey Kim...again you made me chuckle with your description of running over the dr.! Hope your pain goes away soon,

  9. Kim I am a little late for Wednesday word of the Week! Loopy is a fun word, also befuddled :) Sorry about the mouth pain. You have me a laughin' to myself here on the couch this morning! You know what I was thinking when you said "loopy" and I wasn't thinking Advil. Hope you are feeling better today.

  10. Somtimes a little drug induced fog sounds good, WOOP-WOOP!...actually, NO it doesn't! Everytime I have been under the influence of pain killers (C-Section etc)...I get nauseated and it isn't worth it! Hope you feel better soon and are back on'll have great results in the end!!

  11. I know this isn't funny but you made it funny!
    Ouch though on the braces......
    Love the photo of the car and the possibilty of running over someone with it...I hope you feel better soon....There is nothing like your mouth hurting ......

  12. That must be an awfully painful process, just remember the beautiful smile your have in the end.

  13. Sorry about your mouth pain Kim. Seriousely, it must have been painful and I hope that your pain has subsided by now. I'm so late on catching up on friends 's blogs.It's good that you have a great sence of humour. JB