Saturday, January 1, 2011

Up with the crows

A new year, a new start - and I didn't want to waste any time.  All I could think of was getting all the Christmas stuff put away.  By 9:00am I had a roast in the oven, the tree un-decorated and all the traces of the holidays packed in boxes and returned to the basement.  YAY!  I have been ready to do that for days, but apparently if you put things away before January 1 - the world will come to an end!  (Well - according to Auntie anyway)  LOL

At 9:15 the phone rang.  It was my former sister in-law from Montreal.  (Yes, if you are scratching your head - I am technically an only child but I have 2 honorary sisters and 4 brothers.  Their parents and my family grew up together.  After moving to Montreal and having 6 kids they continued to spend every summer at the beach with us -- from July 1 to Sept. 1.  We grew up together and are very close. And when the 6 introduce me to their friends they say "our little sister" and I introduce them as my brothers and sisters)

But I digress.....even though big brother Tom traded in Marty for a new model - she is still family to me! The first thing she said was "I bet you have everything put away".  LOL  She knows me so well!!  We had a good long catch-up call. 

Auntie and Mom slept in until about 10 so they had a surprise that all the work was done.  Well, except for vacuuming up the 10 pounds of tree needles left on the floor because I didn't want to wake them.   I had a big laugh when Mom came downstairs.  I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her and let out a big, animated Happy New Year!   She took one look at me, and turned around and started back up the stairs!!!  You should have seen the look on her face ---"I'm not going down there with that looney woman."    I actually had to coax her back downstairs.  It was pretty funny.

So, thus far 2011 has been good!  Now that the house is back in order I feel like hooking more.  Maybe I will get a rug finished tonight.

And before I forget, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments last night.  I have read them over and over.  They mean so much to me.


  1. Happy New Year Kim. Well My tree is still up and the needles don't fall much on my artificial tree. I just removed the presents from under the tree. I've had a busy day and my mom used to say, what you do on New Years day, you gonna do all year long. I don't think that she was to far from the truth. Kim, everyone thinks the world of you because you are special. JB

  2. Happy New Year Kim! I have Boxes all over the front room full of Christmas memories.All should be put away by tomorrow,Your Moms reaction to you was priceless.I am going to make a bigger effort to get my big Rug done!Cheri

  3. Happy New Year from me too! Gosh your year has started off with lots of energy. All I have done is put away a few things that decorated the upstairs of my house. The family room is still Christmasy. Guess I gotta get on the ball. APlease give Millie a hug for me. She's so cute.

  4. In our CAN'T take the tree down until after Old Christmas I'll be enjoying mine for a while yet...Happy New Year!

  5. Kim Ima gettin' those dang decorations down today! The sooner today, the better.

  6. OMG, unbelievable as I was doing exactly the same thing this morning. Up early and all the decorations put away. I too have had enough of it. I know some people who leave Christmas decorations up passed Old Christmas.

    I am doing abit of hooking today too and chilling before the Day Job tomorrow. Still didn't win the lottery, so it continues!

  7. Aw Happy New Year my sweet dear friend! I have so missed talking with you this week.
    Honey I can so relate to the adoptive family piece you just wrote. I too grew up with a family just like that and we still see each other whenever time alows. Which is not enough. Maybe 2011 will be better on that level.
    In fact one of them married my oldest brother so that was even better for me...maybe not for her...hahaha Just kidding even though he is a handful now and then.
    You so need to move by me so I can get work done like you. Would you believe Kim that is what I am suppose to be doing now but I thought of you while I was putting my decorations away and thought I am checking on her right now. So wish they were all in their boxes and put up but it will take me a while especially if I keep stopping. hahaha
    Wanted you to know that I love having you in my life and looking forward to being your friend this coming year
    Love ya