Sunday, January 9, 2011

Since you asked

A few of you have asked for some more details on the making of the sheep rug.   The dimensions are 14 x 14 inches.   The background was hooked in a green plaid wool.  I think this was the first time I hooked a plaid and I love how it looks hooked.
The body of the sheep was hooked with a combination of wool and natural slubby yarn. I really love working with this yarn.

While we didn't get the storm we were anticipating, it still was messy all weekend.  An almost constant rain/snow mix was just enough to make the roads slippery and make you want to stay home.  Since I was thread-less and couldn't prepare my next piece of rug warp, I needed a quick mindless project.  Whenever this happens I grab the knitting needles and make a few cotton dish cloths.

I did get out to the store later today to get some thread.  I bought extra so I am not caught off guard again.
So now the edges are secure and I am ready to start drawing out another heart rug.  The auction is being held February 11, so I think maybe that design might raise more money than the sheep.  If it works I might try putting the sheep on ebay.  I have never tried to sell anything there before - mainly out of fear that no one will bid!

I hope you were all safe and warm this weekend.  Have a great week.


  1. Kim,
    Those are some yummy looking wools and yarn. I've never used yarn to hook with and am thinking of picking some up the next time I get to a yarn shop. Don't be afraid of Ebay. If no one bids you get to keep it! Have you thought about trying Etsy?
    Cathy G

  2. Hi Kim, I love the idea of the dish cloths when the wool hooking fails. What a super idea to get something done. You are so clever. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. Thanks Kim, that is gorgeous plaid. I love hooking with plaids. As a matter of fact I had to use some when I took my first rug hooking class. The teacher had included it in the kit.

    I think that you should at least try to sell your sheep on eBay or Etsy. I don't know how it works either but I see a lot of hooking blogger friends who sell on Etsy.

    I wish that someone would explain how it works as compare to eBay.

    The dish cloth looks great.
    You are somewhat like me. You have to keep the hands busy. Jb

  4. I love your sheep, I work with plaids alot and love them. you kept yourself busy this weekend.

  5. I am not as talented as those above...they all seem to hook too, BUT I can appreciate a wonderful piece like your sheep and be happy and grateful when seeing it!

  6. Wow you knit too! I am impressed. I can't wait to see what your next project is and how it turns out. So when you use yarn do you use it just like you would wool? I was wondering about that since my eyes in my snowman don't look like eyes and I did cut down my strip with scissors but it didn't help and I kept thinking yarn would have worked better. Sorry I am such a hooking newby. :)

  7. I sell on Etsy and Ebay, though I only sell my rug hookings on Etsy because Ebay is more expensive. I have sold two wall hangings on Etsy but I have to say I think it is hard to sell our hooked art online. I also have tried an art/craft fair where people can get their hands on it and really see it. But...I am not sure whether online or in person, that most people can appreciate this art style fully. They often think it is just too expensive. They don't realize all the time, love and care that goes into it!!!!

  8. That is a wonderful plaid. I love hooking with plaid.
    Give selling a try. You might surprise yourself.
    Love the dishcloths.

  9. I have access to a serger, why didn't you say!! next time.

  10. Hi Kim, The plaid looks nice,I like the yarn too! I started hooking again after a long day of moving. I felt so happy to have my hands working on my big rug! Cheri

  11. I love the plaid you have on here!Hooking with yarn? Interesting....Love the sheep by the way!

  12. That plaid sure worked up nicely, Kim...I love it..Haven't used much plaids myself...The wool for the sheep is excellent, too...