Thursday, January 27, 2011

My audition for The Mob

It has been quite a day.  Snow, wind, sleet.....yuck.  I patiently waited for my phone to ring this morning announcing work was closed.  Everything else in town was closed.  But the call never came.

I dug my disgusted Butt out and got to work.  After we were all there for an hour, the decision was made to close.  Geez,  but Whatever!!

The snow plow was in our yard twice and the drifts are all back again.  For the 3rd time in a row, we have had a significant snowfall on garbage night.  We have large wheeled compost bins that are collected every two weeks.  After I dug it out of the drift tonight, the friggin wheels were frozen.  Dragging that thing up the driveway was like dragging a dead body.  (or so I would imagine hehehe)  I imagined myself as auditioning for The Mob.  Don't they always make you whack someone before you can join??

OK, OK It is clear I am getting a little squirrelly from this weather.  LOL  This afternoon I did do something productive.  I made these yummy Honey Bran Muffins.
 They were very tasty with a nice Cinnamon Danish coffee.  Just what was needed on a storm day.

I am in between hooking projects so I decided to practice my punching skills.  I still don't have a large selection of chunky wools yet so my options are limitied.   But I was in the mood for thinking Spring so I drew out this little primitive bunny.
Looks like I need a bit more practice on my letters.  There is a yarn sale at Zellers this weekend so maybe I can pick up some more colors.

I really hope I don't have to shovel again tomorrow.  Good night friends.


  1. Your punching skills far outshine mine ~ it looks really good!! And so did those muffins!!

  2. Lovely little bunny. I can't wait to see more.

  3. Your NP looks great! The muffins look really good too!

  4. It looks great your rug
    punching. Muffins look good too.

  5. The mob, really!!! I think the snow has gotten to you. You should probably go somewhere warm where sanity will return! And, hey I'm somewhere warm, so like, you could bring those muffins with you, right!

  6. I am not an expert, but this looks wonderful. I love the bunny!

  7. Those muffins look soooo good! The bunny rug is looking super. Sorry you have had so much snow...wish you could send it my way.

  8. Mmmmmm... those muffins look like they could easily be put in a box and mailed to me.... overnight.... or, by messenger so that they might still be warm when they get here? :-) We got 17" of snow between 2 storms wednesday... that bunny is bringing me hope that Spring just might get here.... eventually! :-)

  9. you made me laugh out loud. My mother's favorite swear word was friggin. I bet I heard it 20 times a day. Such as "I have friggin had it you kids get out of my friggin face" or what the frig did he say? He friggin mumbles all the time. I hope you got your friggin recycling out of the snow bank.
    thanks for the friggin laugh ok I am done

  10. Those muffins look fabulous! And cinnamon Danish coffee sounds divine. Cute little mat. I hope we both don't have to shovel again for a long while.

  11. Kim ~
    Your little bunny is lookin' good!
    Hugs :)

  12. Kim, your are so funny. I'm sure your humour is what gets you through the rough spots.

    Your bunny rug looks great. It looks like you are getting the hang of it.

    Those muffins looks very tempting especially on a winterry day. I'll be right over for a muffin and a cup of something to drink. JB