Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just random

I'd like to introduce you to my new best friend.  We've been spending LOTS of time together

I shoveled this morning.  Then at noon the plow filled me in again.  I shoveled at noon.  And at supper time, thanks to the sidewalk plow, I shoveled at supper time.  And I haven't been warm since.  I was wearing work clothes and I didn't want to bother changing.  Dumb!  I hate winter, really I do.

I think I'll see if this marketing statement is true

Verdict......tasty but not exactly a warm hug. I should have tried cookies too 

The other day I hung my new artwork in the dining room.  You know how much I love shoes...... Seemed appropriate

I'm sure before I started this post I had more interesting random thoughts.......but they're gone.  I think winter has frozen my brain. 

Is it Friday yet??


  1. My neighbour lives alone and she bought a quiet electric snowblower and she keeps her driveway neat and tidy. Maybe you can check Canadian Tires when they come on sale for next year.

    Your dining room looks very chic.


  2. I like what you've done to the dining room! It sounds like it is a hot cocoa and warm blanket kind of night for you. xo

  3. I like your pictures. I think they are just perfect. You know what? I bet I hate summer like you hate winter. I was thinking about that. I am so over summer heat after these last few years. Think of all of those calories you are burning.
    Then you can eat all of the cookies you want. :) I hope you can get warm. I do think being cold is worse though. Hey, tomorrow is Wednesday. :)

  4. Hey. Why don't you call the street department and tell them how they deliberately put all the snow in your driveway and no one else's? Be sure to mention you are a taxpayer and you have a doctor's appointment. Oh, and don't forget to tell them you know the mayor (or whoever runs your city) and you will call them next.
    Fun artwork on your wall.
    Hugs :)

  5. Wow! That's a lot of shoveling in one day. I'd be super annoyed with the city people. What's their problem anyway? Yes call the department and find out what's going on. Maybe you can find out who the driver is some how and save all the snow and take it to his/her driveway and share it with them. Eh? LOL In the middle of the night so they can wake up and find the sweet neighborly surprise. :)

    Love your dinning room. :)

    Take care, Janet W

  6. Is it March or April yet more like it!! LOL!! Winters are just plain way too long around here so I know exactly how you are feeling! Julia may be right... I think a snazzy new souped up candy apple red hot snow blower should be in your future..
    Your dining room is FAB! The shoe artwork perfect!
    sending you hugs and more prayers to get through this week.
    Cathy G

  7. Love the dining room, looks so nice Kim. So much shoveling in one day, wow!!! my back would be killing me. Blessings Francine.

  8. Let's see...day 8 back to school since the vacation and we have had one snow day and 3 two hour delay days due to the frigid windchills! Gads! (At least not much shoveling...ugh...take care of yourself, and your back!)

  9. I love your artwork so very you. I have had it with the cold we were way below 0 this morning and I am tired of the layers and the boots and the sun we never see the sun!

  10. Love that painting! It's perfect there. It's been so stinkin' cold here and we had tons of snow this week too...I'm with you, I'm ready for warm weather. Why do we live where it's so cold? Hmmmm....I'm going to have to think on that!

  11. I don't know whether you ever see my comments, they appear on your blog but come back to me as undelivered with that mailer daemon things. I heard that the weather pattern is going to change and keep this awful cold away for a few weeks. I don't have to shovel the driveway, as it is a big gravel farm lane, and it is now a sheet of ice! Ugh! Maybe adopting a new baby would help you heart heal...thinking of you. Melinda