Monday, January 7, 2013

Today's the day

The day that started a joy-less 8 week diet attempt. The annual Weight Loss Challenge at work.

I forgot I had a dentist appointment first thing this morning, so i missed the "official" and private weigh-in. The coordinator records our starting weight and we just post % lost each week. Since I was late I had my starting weight witnessed by a male employee who I immediately swore to secrecy and possibly threatened his children if he ever discloses. Lol

So I begin the punishment tonight, which happens to be my favorite snacking time. Sigh....

Tomorrow night I need to visit the grocery store and stock up on "rabbit food". I really wish they'd invent a lettuce that tastes like potato chips, or ice cream :)

Wish me luck.

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  1. You are so funny. I am sure it will be fine and think how healthy you are going to be in 8 weeks.
    Your little cartoons cracked me up.

  2. We did this at work a few years ago and I got second place in the contest. My incentive was not having to pay for gaining weight.

  3. Kim ~
    Good luck to you! The older you get, the harder it gets to even get motivated, let alone do it.
    Skinny hugs :)

  4. Today my coworker buddy and I both started on diets too....I'm so sad. Oh well, maybe my doctor will get off my back about the cholesterol numbers if this works. I hope so! I was suppose to exercise tonight but I forgot..not off to a great start am I.

  5. Wishing you success. We eat lots of rabbit food too!

  6. Best diet quote I've seen lately... "I'm on a gin and tonic diet. So far I've lost two days."

    tee hee!

    Best of luck....and happy new year....

  7. Good luck. Two years ago I lost 20 pounds just keeping track of calories and writing down everying I ate in a food log. It really helped me control my calorie intake. I have since regained 10 of the 20 pounds, but have managed to hold steady where I am now. I would like to re-lose that last 10 pounds. Wishing us both much success!

  8. Love Jen's quote!!! Good luck, girl!! As old as I am, I still have hope that one day, I'll figure it out!! I actually have lost a few pounds giving up gluten ~ not necessarily buying gluten free foods because often they are very high in calories. But cutting out anything with gluten in it! There is a book and FB page called Wheat Belly ~ has so e good info!!! Onward and upward!!!

  9. Hi Kim, thanks for following me. I wont give up lol... Good luck with the diet. I did the same as Debbie and lost a lot of weight that way but am right back up there. Need to do something about it now but procrastinating....

  10. Let see if I can motivate you... just think how you will look at the beach when your friend come to visit next summer. With your toenails painted , your bikini and that olive in your Martini glass relaxing at the cottage. ..... oh well I thought that it was worth a try...

    Wising you the best of luck.

    1. Julia, bikini on the public.....never gonna happen!!

  11. I love popcorn and have been eating it as snack before bed as it contains no calories if you air pop it and add no butter or salt. It also fills you up so you don't feel hungry going to bed. Good luck with your weight loss.

  12. OMG! You crack me up.....but really, Good Luck. It goes on soooooo easy and comes of soooooo hard. I feel your pain.

  13. Oh honey, good luck. Many of us are in the same boat. I swear I am the only person who has gained weight on the Weight Watchers plan. Tomorrow, once again, I am willing to give it another attempt. One step at a time! Blessings, Julie.