Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crazy C-c-c-cold

I know, I'm whining. But I'm not one of those great winter loving Canadian girls. I'm a wimp and I don't like winter. This continuing minus 30-ish temps are wearing me out!
The heated car seats and steering wheel were a nice treat today. But the walk across the parking lot quickly erased any warm memories.

Miss Millie is not wasting anytime outside either. No checking around to find just the right spot. She goes about 6 inches from the door :). I swear this reminds me of her reaction when she went outside this morning

Nothing to do tonight except sit by the heater, hook some more on my butterfly rug and watch another episode of Downton Abbey.

Oh, and dream of Spring .... Instead of thoughts like this....

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  1. sorry it is cold by you-I don't like that cold any more either-especially when you have to drive to work-stay warm-hugs

  2. Brrr! I hope it warms up soon!

  3. I'm getting pretty sick of the cold spell too and I'm more than ready to call in Spring.

    My heart goes out to poor little Millie. She needs a little heated seat too after freezing her little tush outside. I get the chill just thinking of it.

    Hook away. I'm still not motivated to pick up my hook yet.


  4. I hope it warms up soon, I would send you some warmer weather but we aren't going to be having any either. :)
    Stay bundled, I hope you get to stay toasty and work on that rug.

  5. Heated seats AND steering wheel??? I didn't know they had heated steering wheels. I really am a small town hick :)
    Miss Ellie doesn't much like this cold either, but I drag her hairy little butt down the block. This morning, though, I did carry her back since she was limping.
    Love the little blue bird of happiness :)

  6. What I am tired of is the swing in our temps. One day in the 50,s and the next in the teens. I didn't know they had heated steering wheels either!
    Keep warm and cozy!

  7. I with you I wish we were going south but no such luck.
    so I sit by the wood stove and watch Downton Abbey

  8. OMGosh are you kidding me it has been that cold there. Oh my poor Kim. I do wish with all my heart I could of sent you my weather today. I am not going to tell you that it was 79 here and I was outside mowing and raking leaves. Of course tomorrow it could be 29. Texas weather is so darn crazy but if it weren't for these warm temps every now and then I would loose my mind. haha
    Sending you warm hugs.

  9. LOL!!! I am sick of winter too. Poor little blue bird.

  10. It was really COLD today! In fact I'm still cold!

  11. I can't imagine temps that extreme! I don't think I could take it. We have been in the teens this week and it isn't fun. I keep thanking God for the heated seats in my truck! lol I didn't know you could get a heated steering wheel. I do have the remote start in my new truck and I'm loving that feature too!

  12. Ohhhh I sympathize with you and Miss Millie. We've had -20's and my Annie dogger tried to poop while just standing on her two wee back legs! Not a pretty sight (but kind of funny in a weird way) and she had to put at least one front paw down for balance. Bring on Spring or at least some warmer temps!

  13. Love the Bluebird!!! AND the cat!
    I want FALL all year long!
    Our car has a heated steering wheel, besides the heated seats and the backing up system it is THE BEST option ever added. The BEST! Ahhh.

  14. OMG that bluebird had me nearly wetting my pants laughing - but I refrained because if I did I'd freeze my feet to the ground, lol. Not as horrid here as YOUR temps (you win the whose got the worst-temp-contest, lol) but it's been zero and with wind minus 5-10. I am too old for this crap, roflmao. I've never been a big fan of winter - so highs of ONE DEGREE just fails to amuse me.

    On the other hand, have been making bread, mac/cheese (based on my belief that I shiver billions of calories away an must replace them :-) Yep, mmm, that's my story/excuse/rationale!
    I'll be in stretch waistband pants by Spring at this rate but I'm happy(ish) with bread n mac, lol

    Hope it breaks soon for you - can not fathom such temps!


  15. It's stinkin' cold here too; not as cold as there, but close. I finally got the locks on the tractor barn door unfrozen so that means tomorrow I spend time setting out hay for the horses and sheep. brrrrr!
    visiting via Vicki's GYB Party and thanks for the chuckles. might as well laugh, tears would freeze.