Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bundle up

2013 has started with a rather frosty tone. Not only did I have to go back to work this morning, but it was a bitterly cold blustery day. Much like my mood I might add. Let me tell you, I was regretting not taking those few extra vacation days to get me through the end of the week. But I will say the best investment I made in 2012 was the new car with the heated seats. I toasted my butt all the way to work this morning :)

Tomorrow will be the same. Between the cold and the icy conditions everywhere I think I will keep Mom home from her Alzheimer's Day Care tomorrow. She's already unsteady on her feet so taking her across an icy parking lot is just tempting fate.

I've hooked a little more, but it doesn't look much different. I'm playing around with the background. Adding and removing, trying to figure it out as I go. I should have another photo soon. Be patient ;)

This is the motto for tonight

And Miss Millie is taking full advantage of her pile of fuzzy blankets

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  1. I'm so with you on the best investment being those heated seats! Someday maybe I can join the toasty butt club! LOL!
    For now I can identify with Millie in the pile of blankets!!
    Hang in there!!
    Cathy G

  2. Heated seats. My idea of heaven. For now I will just have to enjoy them when I am with DSO. His old Tahoe had 2 settings ~ lukewarm and rump roast. I always had it set to rump roast!
    Hugs :)
    Stay warm and safe - mom, too.

  3. hi kim! yes really cold and windy today here..yuk! today i was out in the country and the sun was shining thru the clouds and it was blizzarding so hard to see except up high i thought maybe the light was coming for me! it was really serial.. just made tea so settling in for the night. i like you millies idea, lots of cozy blankets. also like your jar idea and the new rug you are working on!~ enjoy your evening!

  4. Brr what a cold night. I am glad you have those heated seats too. That must be so nice when it gets as cold as it is there.
    I am a cry baby at 29 degrees. :)
    I am glad you are getting some hooking in tonight. I have been doing my cleaning bit for the last couple of days. I did get my shelf all cleaned off and all of my hooking in one place. I feel really important now. :) It just took all day.
    I wondered why you just didn't take off the other couple of days. I am sure glad R. did. I felt really bum like this whole week. Stay warm.

  5. Millie is a sweety! Those heated seats are the best.

    My late mom had dementia so I admire you taking care of your mother. I know the role of caregiver is a difficult one.

  6. It's been very cold here too and I don't have heated seats! Oh well, I'll survive. I'm glad you aren't taking your Mom out. Those icy sidewalks can be dangerous..however we actually do more fractured hips in the warm weather than the winter..probably because the old folks stay indoors! Keep warm and safe!

  7. I feel like a big baby, it has only been in the low 60s and I feel like I'm freezing in Arizona.

  8. It was 70 degrees and sunny here in Arizona today...sometimes I miss the snow, but never the cold, icy weather a grew up with. Stay warm and have a good day!

  9. It's even been cold where I live in Southern California, although I'm sure it's a spring day to you. But my kids in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Utah have definitely been feeling the chill! Stay warm and keep Mom (and yourself) off the slippery ice.

  10. Hi, Kim,
    It's cold here in sw Ohio too, I just came in from the barn and it is 14 degrees! Millie looks so cute and cozy. I have heated pads for all my kitties, we keep the house cool at 65, any higher in this old house would break the bank!


  11. Our intention is to drive my car into the ground ... but it's got a funny noise going on in the front end that might cost more to repair than we want to spend. A part of me is hoping so because I want heated seats in my next car. I don't have a lot of tolerance for cold ... I use the heated seats in DH's car when the temperature is > 60 degrees! ;-)

    When I was working, I tried to use vacation days to extend the Christmas break ... if the week before or the week after had 3 working days or less, I'd schedule vacation for those days ... and stretch the break out to another full week. ;-)

  12. Cold wind blowing here to, yikes, just staying inside.....Sweet Millie, think I`ll do the same as her today, smile, Francine.

  13. Very cold here too. I had heated seats in my other car because they were leather seat and cold in cold weather. I'm with you with the comfort of heated seats in winter.

    Awww Miss Millie needs a heated seat too. I can tell.


  14. Our car has heated seats too and I like to get nice and toasty on my way to work, only thing is once I'm there, I don't want to get out of the car! Miss Millie looks snuggy!

  15. Heated seats and a heated steering wheel. . . .the only way to get through winter!