Friday, January 25, 2013

It's a thing! And some background

Happy Friday Folks. And a new "thing" has been born. Recently some of the girls have been meeting after work on Friday for Happy Hour at the downtown pub. Kind of random and impromptu. Last Saturday a few of us accidentally met at the Deli for coffee and we chatted about it. Someone said " It should be our new thing". We all laughed and never thought much about it again.

This afternoon I got a text message, something like "Is our thing still on this afternoon?" So our new "thing" is official. A few quick text messages were sent around and led to this

We stay about an hour, chit chat about our week, and our weekend plans - just some good old fashioned girl talk - with wine (of course)

Then I came home, heated up some homemade chili and had some amazing potato and cheese bread sticks. I'll be buying some of those again! Now I'm slowly (very slowly) hooking in the background of the butterfly

I hope to get lots done this weekend. The date for the auction is getting dangerously close. At this rate I might be binding this at the same time the bidding is happening!

I've had lots of visits and some new followers through the Grow Your Blog party. Thanks to all of you, old and new, who read and/or comment here. I really do appreciate each of you.

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  1. Getting together for girl talk is always fun! I love your rugs. You are very talented. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Is this rug for the benefit (cancer society?) you donate a rug to annually? I must have missed that is what you were hooking it for.
    Sounds like a fun Friday after work!
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs :)

  3. The rug you are hooking now is beautiful!!

    Girl talk is great!

  4. That is an awesome butterfly. Well enjoy your weekend. I am so glad you have good friends to stop by the pub and talk about your week. Nothing like friends to help you unwind.

  5. I love your butterfly-it is gorgeous! and how fun-girls night out

  6. Love your rug! Beautiful!

    Hey...would you like to join our SAL?

  7. Yesterday our "girl talk" consisted of standing on the corner waiting for the light to say "walk" so all of the surgery crew could finish the 1/4mi walk to the parking lot! We do get alot talked about in that time frame but no wine or yummy food is involved! We need a new "thing" I do believe!

  8. Sounds like an excellent Friday to me! Your rug is looking beautiful.

  9. Love the colors you are using on the butterfly!
    Your girl talk sounds wonderful.
    Happy Weekend!

  10. Sometimes all you need is about an hour and a glass of wine to unwind. A gargantuan plate of loaded nachos helps too. The rug is looking good!

  11. I don't know what has me more crazy right now...the nachos or the hooking (or the thought that I should try hooking---your kind!)

  12. How fun. Lovin your beautiful rug.
    Woolie love

  13. Nothing like a girl get together at the pub . I think that if it makes you look forward to the next time it's a good thing. It takes the boredom out of winter blahs and it's all fun.

    Your little butterfly is just so pretty, I'm sure that your rug will be a big hit at the auction again this year.

    Happy weekend,

  14. It certainly sounds as though you have a "good thing" going!:-)

    Thank you for your visits to my blog!

    Have a good week-end!

  15. what a great idea a chance to unwind before going home. just perfect I would say. Your mat is coming out so great!

  16. Your rug looks great!! I love the colors.Hugs Cheri

  17. The rug is so pretty! I love y'alls new thing. I think I might need to get that started at school. You know, so we can go and sit around and solve all the world's problems. LOL

  18. I love the butterfly rug. And was that thing you had at the thing - nachos?

  19. Love those girls "things" also.
    Your butterfly is coming right along.