Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All that glitters is gone

The holidays are officially packed away. All that sparkles and glitters is now stowed away in the basement. I was anxious to get the house back to normal. (But now the house just looks sad) And the long stretch of winter begins.......sigh

I saw this idea on Facebook and thought it might be fun

I won't add something to the jar every day, just special things. I think it will be fun to look back. I often do that with this blog, but we all know there are lots of things that happen to us throughout the year that don't make the blog.

Here's a little peek at my new rug project. And so I'm not completely without glitter, there will be some sparkly ribbon incorporated into the design later

My vacation is over - its back to work tomorrow morning. It seems much to soon. (Yes, my face is damp with tears). Lol

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  1. What a great idea to collect some little pieces of daily tid bits to read at the end of the year. I used to journal but since i blog I somehow stop journalizing.

    I took down some decorations clutter today but my tree, village, nativity and the garland on the banister are still up. I'm not as smart as you because I didn't pick up my hook this week at all.

    I hope that your first day back at work isn't too painful. At least you got a little vacation which is better than I got. lol

    I hope that 2013 will be good to you and the golden girls and to little millie too.

  2. Oh gee... I wanted to mention that your lettering is beautiful. Hurry up so we can see the rest.

  3. I like the sneak peek! The jar would be fun to open next New Years Eve! Go for it Kim!
    Be easy on yourself this week! Give yourself little rewards all day and hook in hand at night!!
    Cathy G

  4. Snowflake is ??? I can't figure it out, but as Julia mentioned your lettering is beautiful.
    Love the FB idea. Will I do it? Probably not!
    I finally picked up the hook today. Yeah!
    At least tomorrow is hump day.
    Hugs :)

  5. Well you know all good things have to come to and end. I remember when I was little and I asked my Mom why couldn't it be Christmas every day and she said because then it wouldn't be special. I guess that is how life is we need a little of regular life to make the weekends special. :)
    It will be nice to get back to normal. R. is still home and he is working non stop which of course I do to because I hate feeling like a slacker.
    Have a nice evening. I hope you have a nice day tomorrow.

  6. Yes, back to work tomorrow for me too. I haven't been to school since the Friday before Christmas. I don't won't to go back. I could use one more week. Happy New Year Kim!

  7. Sad to put all the Christmas away, I am tomorrow......Neat idea the jar......Take care, Francine.

  8. What a wonderful idea! I will do this!

  9. That jar idea is a good one! I'm going to do it too and I hope to be surprised on Dec 31st to see a jar full of great things from this year. I have almost all the Christmas put away except for the tree..that goes tomorrow...after work. I'm shedding tears in solidarity to all the working sisters!

  10. Hi, I just found your lovely blog and am now your newest follower! I love this jar idea and had read the idea before just a few days ago so we now have an old mason jar on our table that will be our "memory jar" for 2013! Such a great idea and tradition. I am really looking forward to following and reading your blog in 2013. Happy New Year!

  11. Everything always looks bare when you get all your decorations down. I saw that jar idea too and thought it was neat. Can't wait to see your finished rug!

  12. I love your new rug project. It's very nice to meet you and I'm following you also. The blessings jar is a great idea.

  13. I always find taking down the tree and decorations is just such a Lonely feeling....I dread the thought of it. Mine didn't go up until Dec. 23rd, old tradition, so I will leave until Old Christmas Day, the 6th...then I will weep as I am packing it aside....
    Will look for your new rug..bet it will be wonderful.
    Like the idea of the mason jar...I guess the only thing I will put in mine is food...beginning very soon....
    Take care, Kim.

  14. Can't wait to see the rest of the new hooking project! Love what you have shown!