Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The power of positive

Those of you who have been following this blog for awhile know that I have some issues with impulse control. I have weaknesses for handbags, purses, wool (you get the idea). Within the obvious budget limits I find it not easy to deny myself. So this whole diet thing is a real challenge.

Today I attempted to use the power of positive thinking. I looked at the apple on my desk I brought for a snack. I stared at it and with all the positive energy I could muster said "Be a donut, be a donut, be a donut". It didn't work - it was still an apple!

Other than that, I did reasonably OK today. Except I didn't drink enough water. I forgot. Maybe if I used one of these glasses....

....I would feel more like drinking the water ;)

I managed to get an appointment for a therapeutic massage after work. My neck is feeling so much better. Plus, it was a pretty relaxing way to end the work week. (And take my mind off what I can't eat). I'm all set for tomorrow. I made a big spinach salad to take for my lunch tomorrow.

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  1. Hello new friend!
    If you figure out how to make that apple taste like a donut please let me know.
    Woolie hugs


  2. If the apple could look like a donut it would help. I try to think of donuts as "do-nots".

  3. I would like the secret of how to make an apple taste like a doughnut.

  4. I wish the apple would taste like a doughnut, yum yum.......glad to hear the neck feels better, Francine.

  5. When you succeed at changing the apple into a doughnut, quit your job and go in business for yourself.
    The spinach salad sounds nutritious. Good luck on this latest challenge.

  6. Wine, martinis, water. . . .they are all liquids aren't they? :)

    Spinach salad - yummy - you can do it!!

  7. I love apples but when I eat them they make me hungrier..unless I throw in some cheese or peanut butter with them..but I guess that would defeat the purpose. Drinking lots of water in my biggest challenge. Working in the operating room makes it hard to have a full bladder.."Excuse me, but I just have to leave this appendix for a minute to go pee>>" Yeah, that goes over really big!

  8. I am with yaya if I eat an apple I want something else after.
    I have gotten pretty good at drinking water in the evening I drink hot water with lemon sounds awful but it is relaxing.
    good luck on your diet

  9. Yes, , why can't apples taste like doughnuts? I could eat tons of them if they did! I can sure relate to the neck pain! I have a lot of trouble with mine.

  10. I am so glad you are feeling better. I think it is a nice thing to be able to enjoy, a massage. I can't in fact it is the worst torture I have ever put myself through. Weird isn't it?
    I am glad you have your wonderful lunch to eat. It sounds nice and your brought a apple.
    I know you will do very good this time around. I hope you have a great day.

  11. Hey girl I am on a diet too - day 4 - and I am starving! lol

  12. I am a HUGE believer in the power of positive thinking. It can really do wonders for the soul.