Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Holy Humidity Batman!

I'm not kidding.  I just mowed the lawn and this is what my hair looks like.  It's not as long as hers but it's just as wide.  Lol

I don't even think a hat would fit on my head right now :).  Don't even bother reminding me of last winter.  You haven't seen my hair!!  It's almost criminal.  And I discovered last night my drivers license expired. (On my birthday which was a few months ago.....OOPSIE!).  So naturally on a day my hair looks like I stuck a fork in an electrical socket is the day I have to get my photo taken.  Which I have to live with for 5 years, embossed on a piece of plastic.  Lovely!

Abby doesn't seem to mind.  We've been practicing walking on a leash.  She doesn't pull at all and seems to just natural trot along beside my leg. It look a little work as she initially wasn't happy with a leash but she's such a good girl. 

She has so many of Millies traits. Like having to get as close as possible (Velcro dog)

She starts out on her blanket beside me and then gradually creeps closer and closer.  I love this little girl.  I'm so glad I didn't let the Lola experience keep me from trying again. 

Well gotta run.  Abby and I are heading to the beach for a few hours. 


  1. You and Abby have fun! And no kidding, I get it about the hair issue. I came so close to uttering something about the wonderful, dry air of fall, but caught myself. I'm using clips on my unruly locks and refuse to long for summer to end. Lol. Abby's a darling!

  2. Oh no, 5 years with a picture of a 'bad hair day' Holy Crap! Abby is a precious pup and am so very happy you chose to give up Lola and now have a wonderful companion. Happy for you girl!

  3. Sorry about the hair both after mowing and driver's license. That's harsh, 5 years, eh? It's humid here and my hair is screwed up on top of my head, as much of it as I can get anyway.
    Dog Days...begone!

  4. I will take the dog days as long as they will last!!! The last couple of winters were just too harsh.
    So happy you have a Velcro companion. She is just adorable.
    Hugs :)

  5. I am so glad you have a sweet little dog to cuddle with. She is so pretty.
    Have a fun day at the beach!

  6. Holy cannoli batman! I don't even know about Abby! How did I get so far behind? I will get caught up on her adorableness, pronto! I have a vision of your new license photo being just a frame filled with hair and two eyeballs peeking out...that's what i'd have going on!

  7. I think Abby is Millie that came back for her second life. So glad it's working out for both of you.

    Bad hair days are common. I've been sweating so much and my hair are so thin since my chemo and they flatten out in the humidity so you are not alone.
    I was visiting your blog and someone came to the door and I totally forgot I was online for over 2 hours.

    Hope the rest of the week goes well.

  8. looks like you and Abby are meant to be...she is so completely cuddly looking...

  9. Another one here that gets the "hair" thang...LOL It was 98 yesterday, supposed to hit triple digits today and tomorrow. Oh my...more hair clips, must have more hair clips! LOL Abbey sure is a cutie...

  10. Well, wait until you get older and humidity head becomes thinner! So glad you and Abby are doing well. Here in NL, we are having a hard time reaching 20!

  11. I wish I had your problem, my hair is thin and stick to my head!
    Your Lola is such a sweetie, Kim. It makes me want to get a lap dog too.