Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend update

I found this on pinterest today and thought it summed up the weekend quite nicely.

The storm we were supposed to get didn't really materialize as predicted.  No snow, in fact the rain and plus temps melted quite a bit of it.   Gotta love it when that happens. 

However the wind was worse than expected.  After chasing my compost bin across the yard twice, I resorted to bungee cording it to the back step.    But I should have also tied down my rain gutters.  The gutters over the back porch are now bent, mangled and hanging precariously down on one end.  I'm going to have to find someone to fix that soon or else someone will get whacked in the head.

Just to give you an idea of the wind - yesterday 2 tractor trailor trucks blew off the highway just on the outskirts of town.  Yes - - - blew over.   Here is a pic I stole borrowed from facebook.

I have a large pot of chili simmering on the stove for supper.  The smell is driving me crazy.  I made the mistake of having a beer while I was making it, and now I am so hungry.  And supper is still 2 hours away.  Its gonna be a long 2 hours.  Hmm, maybe another beer will pass the time??

And lastly, I finished hooking the mat last night, without any major reverse hooking.   I might give myself a few days off before I start something else. 

Tonight I'll be watching the Oscars.  Not that I am such a huge movie fan, but I like to see what everyone is wearing, who looks ridiculous, who should be dragged off the stage in a large net, and yell bad things at the TV when someone wins I don't like.     Should be fun!!


  1. Kim,
    WONDERFUL job on the turned out gorgeous! I really like it! and I'm new to Pinterest and getting the hang of it but I love the note! The wind has settled down here as well...was beginning we were being blown to Kansas.

  2. Cheers to the second beer to pass the time. Might watch the awards tonight only because Billy Crystal can be very comical. Love the salute to the weekend above; that is very sweet. Winds were howling around here too. The umbrella is somewhere and had to chase the garbage cans too. Your rug is gorgeous!

  3. Whew! That wind must have been terrible! We didn't get nearly as bad as predicted. Can't believe it blew TRUCKS off the road!
    Love the little mat. Great colors and sweet sentiment.
    Chili is one of my favorites. Unfortunately I do so much tasting while it's cooking (adjusting the seasonings!) that by the time it's finished, I'm full and don't want to eat.

  4. Your little mat looks wonderful. I really think it turned out nice. Your Chili looks yummy. I just fixed Rueban Sandwiches for lunch. I haven't fixed them in such a long time.
    I just can't believe those pictures. I am so glad you didn't get snow like you thought you would. I have glad you didn't have to shovel walks and the driveway.
    Have fun watching the Grammys!

  5. LOVE the mat. It turned out great! Oy, those truck pictures are scary. So glad that wasn't you! And the chilly looks really yummy... I wouldn't want to wait either.

  6. Wow...nasty winds. Staying indoors with a pot of chile cooking is definitely a good plan. I'm with you...I watch the Oscars even though I've seldom seen the movies. Have fun!

  7. We got snow about 6 inches and we didn't get much of the wind predicted thank goodness. The Chili looks wonderful I may have to make a pot of that this week.

  8. Your mat came out so nicely. Sounds like a good weekend! We had lots of strong wind, but no real snow. My vacation is, hoo!
    Yummy...chili and a cold beer!

  9. Oooh, I love the rug! I almost bough a kit today at the craft store, but then convinced myself it wasn't the right thing!

    That truck is amazing!

  10. Love the mat! I can smell the chili...yummo...and I felt the wind and we got the snow so you didn't have too..(your welcome). The note on pinterest says my sentiments exactly. Now is there one to get through Monday? I'm anticipating a grueling surgical schedule for me! Hope your week is wonderful!

  11. Kim ~
    So glad you didn't get the snow. We had a couple days of bitter wind but nothing like yours. Hopefully you can get someone to fix your gutters soon.
    I think the mat came out just perfect!
    Hugs :)

  12. We had some wicked wind too. Lots of branches down around the yard. The chili looks delicious and beer is a must when waiting to eat. A ice cold Corona with lime is one of our favorites

  13. Wow that chili looks good! ....and I already had supper! Love the mat,

  14. I like to watch the Oscars too. How fun it would be to eat your deliciously looking chili while watching!
    We had those high winds too. Yours were impressive.
    Your rug is beautiful!
    As for the Pinterest note, Ha!

  15. Kim, I hope that there's still some Chili left. It looks so good. A beer is so welcome when making Chili. I mean, they go together like a horse and carriage...
    I'm admiring your Friends mat, it looks so darn perfect.

    I'm glad that you didn't get the snow but man, two transports blown over like tinker toys. That wind was powerful. Sorry about that damaged gutter though.

    I'm celebrating my 46th Wedding Anniversary today without much fuss. A small cake with scribbles on it and some wine. How time passed quickly and we get old quickly too but my heart is forever young...

    Hugs, JB

  16. Oh man does that chili look yummy!! Love your cute little mat too!
    Karen & the Hounds

  17. Kim,
    I'm so glad you didn't get blown away! Those pics of the trucks kind of freak me out because both of my brothers are truckers and drive those big rigs! Yikes!
    The chili looks yummo and it gives me an idea for a meal this week! Need something quick while I'm in the teaching mode!
    That little mat turned out so sweet! Your hooking is so lovely!
    Stay safe and try and have a good week at work! It'll be Friday before you know it!!
    Cathy G

  18. Kim, sorry about the wind damage. That pot of chili looks awesome and your finished rug is sweet!

  19. Hi Kim, Today it's windy and cold. I have great respect for wind.Every time its windy here I wait for the sound of crashing branches.I watched the Oscars I alwaya feel sorry who was the worst dressed. LOl HUgs Cheri

  20. That chili looks out of this world! One of the reasons I love blogging is to get to know people all over the country. Right now the weather is so different in all parts of the country. I just read someone's blog about the weather being so warm and springlike and I read here about the wind and cold. I almost feel like I've been traveling! I know the chili will warm you up.

  21. Hey honey I had to laugh about the one more beer. Why not you had two more hours to wait. Dang that chili does look yummy.
    I myself forgot about the oscars but knowing me I would of only watched it for a little while. I too get bored with it easily.
    Who did they drag off with a net anyone I know. lol
    Wow you did have the wind if it blew over those huge trucks.
    I hope you find someone to help you with the gutters.
    I spent most of the weekend helping get rid of the trees that were down from our storms here. Now I am exhausted.
    Wish i knew more about pinterest. Joined it and now don't have a clue how to use it ....hahaha
    Have a great week honey

  22. Wish I could have had some of that chili with you! Love the way your mat came out - really nice. How did you like the Oscars? It was pretty tame, I thought.

  23. I'm sayin' ya had some wild winds there. We've go severe storms movin' in here tonight. Predicted large hail, 60mph winds and chances of tornadoes.

    'Just another peaceful night here on the Ponderosa. Heeehehehhee!!!

    I'm glad your safe and sound. That chili sure looks mad dog droolin' delicious. I'll grab a bowl and be right over. :o)

    God bless ya and have a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

  24. Oooh, I should have planned chili for today since it's rainy and cold... would have been perfect. Your recipe in the pot looks wonderful!