Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super What ??

I may be the only person not watching the Super Bowl today.  Quite frankly, I'm a little sick of hearing about it.  It's not that I'm anti-sports but I just don't get football.

And what is up with the 4 hours of pre-game coverage?  PRE- the actual game isn't long enough already.   Oh well, it's almost over.

Instead of being glued to the TV all day I extended my burst of hooking energy I seem to be experiencing lately.  This morning I drew out a new pattern, scavenged through my wool stash and selected some colors and cut strips to my hearts content.

I have a question for my hooker readers.  What do you do with all your rugs once they are hooked?  Do you keep them, gift them, sell them??  Every time I start a new one lately I think I might try to sell it but then once its finished I chicken out.  Maybe one of these days I will open an etsy shop and see what happens. 

Have a great week.   


  1. NO your not the only one. hahaha
    I am catching up with my friends on here
    Love ya

  2. We're not watching either! We tried and got bored after a little bit . I think you should totally sell them ! They are so nice and once you get over the initial nerves selling is actually pretty fun.

  3. Kim ~
    You are not alone. I didn't even know today was Super Bowl Sunday until yesterday. (I don't watch TV.)
    My rugs...I either give them away or roll them up and put them in a basket. I do have some smaller ones displayed. The one I had on the floor I had to put up because of!
    I'm sure you could sell them. You are a great, I mean, you hook beautiful rugs.
    Hugs :)

  4. Hey Kim, We didn't turn on the TV once today and neither did the kids.
    It has been nice, I hooked and I have sewed,
    My rugs, I use them. I have a couple rolled up and put away. The lovely mat you sent me is on top of my antique sewing machine.
    I suppose if I ever got enough I would sell them or give them away, or if I ever got good enough. When the kids want a rug I always give them the one I am working on, so far I don't have a big stash of them but I would like to someday.
    You asked about the pictures on my blog today, no those are last year. Nothing blooming here yet thank goodness, well just the pear trees across the road.
    I am not ready for spring, I want winter. :)

  5. No super bowl here either...too many audio books to listen to while I hook or stitch...

    As for rugs, most I give away to family and friends...have sold some, kept some...if it wasn't for my cats I'd have them on the floor...

  6. No Kim, you were NOT the only one NOT watching the Super Bowl. Zip and I do NOT!!!
    I love the Maxine cartoons, they are so true.
    And year, that pre-game thing that lasts all day is so bogus. All that over a flippin' football game!
    Love the rug you just finished. Glad you had a good day of designing and hooking. Can't wait to see the results.

  7. Nope, you're not alone! Tom and I don't watch sports. We went to the bookstore! Then, I hooked my little heart out too. I like having the hooking mojo going strong, don't you? You should think about an Etsy shop. They aren't hard to run. I eventually want to add rugs to mine...but I need to make more!

  8. Ahhh... I would love to have a self cleaning toilet! lol! I watched the game... it was the most boring super bowl I ever watched for some reason... I gift, sell and keep the rugs I hook. It depends on how big it is and how much I like it. Of course, the ones I gift are usually hooked with a certain person in mind... so I know what I'm doing with that particular one before I even start it. Etsy is a good place to sell as you name your price up front... I would only sell hooked rugs on eBay with a reserve. I've had 3' x 4' rugs go for $45... and that could be frustrating after awhile.

  9. Kim, I love your Maxime cartoon. It says it all.

    I can't see the point of grown men chasing after each other for a stupid funny looking thing that they call a foot ball.

    If they have so much energy to spend I'm sure that they could find something constructive to built like a house for Habitat instead of wasting it on the field.
    Just saying....

    I use my rug on the floor, some rolled up in the closet because I haven't hug them up yet and one that needs whipping I'm using as a chair pad at the moment for my comfort.

    You have enough rugs for a rug show at the library. Hugs, JB

  10. Some rugs I hang and some are rolled up and in a cupboard. I do make rugs and give them to special friends and family too. I also have many unfinished rugs in the closet. . . . .yikes!

  11. What? You don't get football? What's not to understand about men who run around smashing into and hurting each other and making lots of money for it? Really???

    Seriously, thanks for standing up for those of us who think that weeks of news programs and a four hour pre-game program might just be excessive.

    I have only hooked about 5 or 6 mats and I have no clues what to do with them, either. I finally put one on the floor and now I seriously wish I hadn't because it's all dirty and I wish it wasn't. I don't have lots of walls to hang things on. I'd even give them away if I knew they'd go to good homes where they would be appreciated. Last option: just stack them and die someday and let my kids figure out WTF to do with them. HA HA HA! MOM GOT YOU!!!

  12. PS Just read Courtney's suggestion about opening an Etsy shop...which brings up another subject: isn't it illegal, or at least unethical, to sell work that was designed by others (such as my pieces designed by Deanne F.)? I remember that was an issue when I was heavily involved with the knitting shop and seem to recall it was not OK to sell work that came from others' designs. Anyone know???

  13. the thing I like about watching football is that I get to hook and have my husband in the same room with me. He's engrossed in the game and I just hook away in my own little world. When I look up, he's there in football world, I like the cozy feeling it creates.

  14. I avoid all of the pre and post game blahbitty-blah, but we did enjoy watching the game (well, the 14 year old was a sad patriots fan at the last second)...