Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jiminy Cricket - I won

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from the lovely Nancy of Hollarwood.  She makes the most lovely wooden handcrafts, toys and jewellry.  

I won this adorable little animated grasshopper.  It looks so cute rolling around.  I have a sweet little boy in mind for this fella.   

Make sure to stop and check out Nancy's site.  The craftsmanship in her products is 2nd to none.  You can always tell when people love their work - you can see it in their products.

Thank you Nancy.  The contents of the box were much appreciated.  (wink)

We had a bit of rain and snow this weekend but luckily managed to fare better than a lot of other places around here.  Some Nova Scotia communities got pounded with winter weather.  We got lucky for a change.

I started a new little rug this weekend.  Lack of imagination led me to draw out a smaller, similar version of my last rug.  Its not working for me.  I am not sure but I feel a big section is going to get ripped out.   It wasn't a good day here at home so I'm kind of "in a mood" so perhaps I should wait another day before going on a mad ripping spree.

I wasn't even in a good enough mood to take a proper picture.  This is a crappy iPad pic, in poor lighting no less.   Maybe I'll sleep on it.  I hate reverse hooking.


  1. The grasshopper is interesting and the rug! sandie

  2. That is an awesome cricket!!! I like the way she spells her name too. :)
    What is reverse hooking? I have seen that word before but I didn't know what it means.
    I think your little rug is great though. I am so glad you won!

  3. That grasshopper is cute! What is reverse hooking?Your rug looks fine! It must be weather I miss sunny weather. Hugs Cheri

  4. Congratulations on the win from the little hopper! I saw the video of its animated motion and was tempted to get one for myself.... ;o) LOL on the folks who don't know what reverse hooking is....may they never have the pleasure!! I say DON'T - it's looking mighty fine to me!!! (And I sorta like the lighting effect....guess that says a lot for my photography skills, hey??) Have a happy week!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Kim ~
    Sorry you didn't have a good day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Hold off on tearing out the wool. Tomorrow you may be able to see it in a different light. I think it looks great!
    Hugs :)

  6. Jiminy Crickets that cute! Congratulations on your win and I'm sure the little boy you have in mind will love it! We were supposed to get snow today but it went south and missed us. This is the first Winter I know of where we've only gotten 2 light dustings of snow! lol I bought sleds for the kids and a snow shovel in anticipation of the big one! I stocked the house with lots of goodies too just in case I couldn't get out to go to the store! lol Oh well... lol

  7. Kim
    Please don't rip it out! It must just be your mood, because I think it looks great.
    Cute grasshopper for some lucky little guy!

  8. I think the rug looks good...don't rip anything out. Let your zen frame of mind return! Hope today is better!
    Sweet little pull toy.

  9. I love your cricket.
    Your little rugs looks fine to me I did rip out a lot on that chicken I did and that really is against the my rule. I always feel that when you rip our it goes from bad to worse so I hook on and get on with the next thing.
    I think of you so often your time is not your own and you have to see your lovley mom's health go down hill. Just know I do keep you in my prayers.


  10. I think the rug is cute! There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it. Even with the 'crappy' (LOL!) photo it looks good.
    Sorry you were having a not so good home day.

  11. I think your hooking looks GREAT! I hope a good night's rest brings a better day today! The grasshopper looks really cute too!

  12. That cricket is awesome! How cool that you won it.

    Don't rip it out yet! I like the way it looks! Maybe you will feel differently about it later. :)

  13. Sleep on it!!! I think the mat is adorable!!!

  14. I think it's always a good idea to sleep on it. When I don't like something I've painted, it's usually because I'm tired, stressed, etc. I like it much better after I've put a little distance between us.

  15. I love the wooden toy. I have a few that my Grandkiddos will play with forever instead of the shiny fancy ones! Wouldn't be nice if we could rip out bad days and start them over? I'm sorry you're having a "not so good" one and hopefully all, including the rug, will turn out better!

  16. Congratulations on winning the wooden toy Kim. Wooden toys are the best. Your friendship rug looks nice to me. I thing that perhaps you should leave it for a while and come back to it when you feel in a better mood. I'm sending you a big ((HUG)) JB

  17. Uh-oh, I missed a couple of days, so I hope you have made peace with your current project.

    Love that hopper!