Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhogs, Losers and Crazy Drivers

Cheers for our local weather predictor Shubenacadie Sam for predicting an early Spring.  I sure hope that weaselly rodent knows what he's talking about. 

But I'd rather believe he is correct than consider the alternative.  Winter is not my favorite season so any sign of an end to it makes me happy.

And today was the last offical weigh in at work for our wellness challenge.  I'm a loser.  Yay!!   Only a quarter pound this week but thats better than gaining.  So for the month my grand total was a  whopping 2 and a quarter pounds.  Not fabulous but still - down is down irregardless of the number.    Of our little group the total was 77 and a half pounds.   I think I'll celebrate tonight with a bag of chips :)

Now the driving part of this post.  This afternoon I was heading back to work after picking up Mom at her adult day care. I admit - I was in a hurry as usual.  I get to an intersection and I'm waiting for this black car to go.  Its just sitting there.  So I figure - If you're just gonna sit there and miss your turn, I'm gonna go.  So I whip out .......... and guess who it was?   Deanne.   And even worse, she knew it was me.   Ooops, sorry honey but she who hesitates is lost (or last)  Lol.      I'll buy you a glass of wine Friday night.

I admit it - I'm a crazy driver!


  1. i knew it was you, and I was letting you go, trying to wave!

  2. I know how mad you can get at intersections!

  3. Congrats on your loss. Maybe some baked chips would be in order. I agree driving is not a spectator sport.

  4. Too funny! Reminds me of Charlie whose ss number must be 'one', ennaway he never signals for a turn cause everyone knows where he goes everyday! Now that's small town living! I don't like being forced to do anything and a diet phhfft I'll have chips if I want to LOL!

  5. Kim, I'm so happy about the short winter prediction, We had sun here too. What a beautiful day it was.

    Congratulations on loosing 2 and a quarter pounds. Now share those chips with little Millie.

    Ha ha ha, Kim, you'll never change... There I was, reading your post with my fingers crossed hoping that you didn't got into an accident. Well you are cute... Deanne is so nice to let you go first. Next time it may not be Deanne. Ha ha ha.

  6. Kim ~
    So happy you're a loser!
    You go girl. No matter who it is, just don't sit there!!!
    Pug hugs :)
    P.S. Even though it's been a mild winter, I am so ready for spring!

  7. I didn't hear if the groundhog around here saw it's shadow or not...but I'll go for an early Spring! This winter hasn't been too bad and now that the end is in sight I might just make it. You and I drive about the same. Once I whipped around a car that was slowly turning a corner....then it slammed on the brakes for a pedestrian and I hit it..the car, not the walker! The car was a cop car...yep, I hit it. Well, the rest of the story is too long for here. Maybe someday I'll blog about it!

  8. I am from wiarton willie country he did not see his shadow either 6weeks till spring

  9. LOL!!! That was kind of an 'ooops' moment with Deanne! I'm sure she is understanding. Maybe she'll do a rug featuring crazy drivers!

    Horay for Shubencadie Sam!!!
    I wonder if strange names are a requirement for Groundhogs with predicting abilities. Ours is Punxatawney Phil, that sneaky rodent is giving us another six weeks!!!
    Bad Phil!

    Congratulations on the good loss!
    Now be good and eat air-popped popcorn instead of those chips. Oh, what am I saying? Do I sound like somebody's mother???

  10. Ha ha. That is pretty funny about Deanne ;-)
    Keep up the good work on the weight loss front -- it sure isn't easy, but it will be worth it in the end! (at least that is what I keep telling myself! LOL)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. The ground hog in Pennsylvania saw his shadow the bum. Although our winter has been a good a pretty mild one.

  12. You live in a small town, don't you know everyone? That makes me laugh.
    Well good job on the weight loss, so you are done?
    You make me laugh.

  13. No groundhogs in sight here today as we had a pretty thick cloud cover... it's pretty mild for Feb. even with the foot of snow on the ground!
    That is pretty funny meeting up with Deanne like that! I bet more people in your community will watch our for you now!!
    Good job on the weight..... I managed to take off the 2 I gained last week. Tomorrow might be another story!!
    Cathy G

  14. Ha! Good thing no sign language? lol! Our local rodent says early Spring too.... I guess PA is the only state with 6 more weeks of winter... ;-)

  15. Early spring. Hooray. Not that we've really had much winter. Our grass is still green :)

  16. Ha ha! Life in a small town. At least it was Deanne and not your boss...

  17. So you celebrate the way I do!!! Chips sound marvelous, but I don't want to enable you so maybe some skinny popcorn?? I'm hoping for an early spring too. Enjoying warm weather here in AZ!

  18. Good Job on being doesn't matter how much; just that you are :)
    love your new header...