Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Snow Day

It's rare to get a snow day once you become an adult.  I remember snow days as a kid.  If you heard it was supposed to snow the next day, you went to bed and prayed for school to be cancelled. 

Unlike today, back in those days school was rarely cancelled unless it was a major blizzard.  Nowadays 4 flakes fall from the sky and school is cancelled.  Sheesh

But work is almost never cancelled - Except for today at noon.  I would say that if I had waited another hour or so, it might have been difficult to get in the driveway without getting stuck.  A free weekday afternoon with no chores.  It was heaven. 

I hooked away on my new rug for most of the afternoon.  Well, except for a few times that a jealous little dog required some attention.  It's hard to hook when something is staring at you and head butting your arm.  But I would be lost without her :)

The snow stopped around supper time and I shovelled for about an hour.  It wasn't that bad actually.  It was still the light and fluffy kind so I didn't mind it as much as usual.  I can't believe I just said that, but it was kind of refreshing out there tonight. 

I added a pretty new teal strip to this rug project.  Not a great picture but once the rug is finished I will post a proper picture.

February is off to a roaring start.  I wonder what the Groundhog will have to say?


  1. Love the colors of your rug. When I was ah kid I walked ah mile in the snow and freezing weather. Today the kids are cupcakes or maybe look like cupcakes but that's another story. Fluffy snow is easy on the back a cute doggy melts the heart.

  2. Kim ~
    Glad you made good use of your afternoon! Looking forward to seeing your rug.
    It was like springtime here in Ohio ~ yeah ~ love it!
    Hugs :)

  3. I love that color of blue. It looks so good in your rug, I am so glad you had a snow day.
    I laughed when you said 4 flakes and school is out. I am shocked at how much school is out around here. They didn't go back to school here until the week after New Year and then it was only a three day week, Monday and Friday. We do lots more school than that. Okay what is a Maple Cabin? It sounds good whatever it is.

  4. Love the colors in that rug. And I know - didn't January just fly by? We'll be wearing shorts before we know it.

  5. "...when something is staring at you and head butting your arm." Sounds like my kids! LOL!

    Since I am the resident Groundhog (tomorrow being my birthday and all) I say Spring! :D That's never worked in years past, but hey I can be delusional, right?

  6. Pretty colors, Kim...I do love rust colors.
    We had a fair amount of snow, as well.
    Have you started on your NEW project?
    As for school, we would walk for about a half mile, knee deep in snow. When it was so bad, we couldn't see where we were walking, my father or brother would come to pick us up on Horse and slide..those were the days, my friend...

  7. Look how productive you were - lovely!
    I would love an afternoon off during the week but not a snow day!! Last winter just about did me in so I am enjoying this very weird, mild winter.

  8. awww, so cool...a snow day as an adult! I couldn't agree that it is a lovely thing! So glad you enjoyed your time at home :)

  9. Love the colors of your new rug. The blue really pops! Can't wait to see what the total design looks like.
    I used to love those snow days when I worked for a local school system. Then when I worked at the hospital we got NO snow days. Emergencies and illnesses DO NOT take snow days! Now that I've retired every day is a snow day! Hope you enjoyed your afternoon off!!!

  10. I had never heard of a snow day until a few years ago. I guess that's what happens when you live in a place that never gets any snow. I'm glad you got to have a free afternoon though. They are very rare indeed :)

  11. I have to join in and say that I love the blue you put in as well. It seems to set it off. I never really got snow days since my growing up and working years were in southern California, but I used to love it when we would close early for some reason or another. I always felt like I was playing hooky. I remember, I'd be driving down the road and wondering why all these other people were out and about. Didn't they work??? Now I'm one of them. I must say that I love being retired. (But I'm much older than you!)