Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Because

I've been saving this post because I wanted to ensure it didn't compete for attention with the charity auction.   The other day I came home to fnd a package in the mail.  I hadn't ordered anything recently.  I looked at the address and recognized the name.

I ripped it open and it was a present from my friend Kim.  When I read the card she said it was a "Just Because" present.  Aren't those just the best?    Look at what she sent me

A beautiful card and note, and some pieces of wool she has dyed herself using Kool Aid.  It makes such nice strong, bright colors.  

And a sweet little stitched pillow for Valentines.  I have always admired her stitched pieces on her blog and always raved about them.  In fact, I have secretly wanted one and now I wonder if perhaps I'm not as subtle as I think I am....... LOL

And then there was the little bag of sunflower seeds.  If you follow Kim's blog you know she always has lots of big beautiful sunflowers growing on her property in California.   And now I have my very own "Field of Dreams" sunflower seeds.

I bet that she blessed them so I just know that they will grow tall and strong this summer. 

The only thing better than getting a "just because" present is having friends who are thoughtful and kind enough to send you one.  




  1. You are so welcome. You always make my days better and you never cease to make me smile.

  2. I am not surprised that you received such a lovely surprise from Miss Farm Girl! She is the very best! When you look up kindness in the dictionary...her picture is there! I just love her!
    What a happy spring-time package! And it couldn't go to a more wonderful person--you!

  3. Kim ~
    How sweet! May your sunflowers grow tall and strong...or maybe just grow is good enough {grin}.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. What a wonderful surprise. Kim is such a sweet and thoughtful friend and to top it off the gal grows the most amazing sunflowers. Just think Kim my mid summer you will have your own "field of dreams" Blessings my friend, Julie.

  5. That is great! I am still like a kid when something comes in the mail that isn't junk or a bill, and that sure is one sweet package you received!

  6. Oh wow - that Koolaid dyed yarn took me back! Years ago a neighbor taught me how to spin wool into yarn on her spinning wheel. I bought another wheel that her husband had made, and for awhile I would buy "raw" wool and spin it into yarn, dye it myself, and then weave wall hangings with it. I even took some to my son's school class and we made a "friendship weaving" using my yarns and strips of fabric that each of them had brought in. They entered it at the County Fair and it won a prize. Such good memories... I almost forgot I used to do that.

  7. How lovely! "Just because" gifts are the very best I think. What an assortment of goodies. Enjoy it!

  8. Lucky you. That was a very sweet and thoughtful gift.

  9. Ah Kim, I'm so happy for you and you sure deserve it. Unexpected gifts are the best.
    I can't wait to see if these are the giant sunflowers or the dwarf kind... You will have to take pictures for us when they bloom. JB

  10. Kim, Your an inspiration to all of us the so many people you care for and love. Happy Valentines day! HUgs Cheri

  11. Those are the best presents, I think. Can't wait to see if the seeds work for you...

  12. Can't think of anyone who deserves something sweet like that more....Love the little stitchery....Many blessings (and prayers) for your sunflowers this time 'round.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin