Monday, November 9, 2009

Purse Construction - Part 2

I mentioned the other day that my purse lining had gone AWOL. My neighbor's ears must have been burning because she arrived at lunch time with my lining all nicely sewn together. I really should have a sewing machine, but that would mean more unfinished projects - so nevermind.

Anyway back to the purse.

The lining is just a soft cotton flannel fabric. Nothing fancy here.

The next photo shows the whipped edge at the top. You can either whip with yarn or sew in a strip of wool. Even though I hate whipping, it seemed like the easier option. This was one of those learning moments. I should have left a little larger margin at the top between the hooking and the serged edge. It didn't really leave enough room for a clean fold. Next time I will know better. It made it difficult at the seam edges. I tried to mask my mistake with some extra vigorous whipping (and I didn't take a picture of that part, because I didn't want Jennifer at Fish Eye Rugs to see my boo boo!) But I think I hid it well. The lining is then just stitched in place at the top edge, below the whipping with a simple blanket stitch. (I think thats what its called - remember - I don't sew)And then magically.....TaaDaa.....its a purse! Like I said, I made a few little mistakes, but all in all I am pleased. I didn't think I could do it.

The only thing left to do is pick out a handle. I am now debating which of my brown purses to sacrifice. This weekend I will pick one and cut off its handles. Its OK - I have lots. I'm a purse-a-holic too!


  1. Your purse is lovely! And it doesn't look as if the putting it together part is a lot less difficult than I imagined. Hmmmmm.....guess I'll have to make the leap and order one of Jennifer's purses now. Thanks for sharing the process with all of us.

  2. I think your purse turned out great. Love the colors.
    I like to hook purses, but I sure don't like the putting together part.
    Look forward to seeing the handles, never thought about taking them from another purse, great idea

  3. It looks AWESOME! Well done Kim! ;-)

  4. Great job,Kim. I don't mind doing a whipped edge but I am not the greatest sewer. One of the things days, I am going to do a tote bag or a shoe bag....

    Thanks for the tips, I am going to need them!

  5. Thank you girls. It was a fun project. I might even try another one after Christmas. And yes Debra you should definitely take the leap and try one of Jennifer's bags. You won't be disappointed.

  6. Nice Work Kim, if you ever decide you don't want it you can drop it off at my house.