Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angel Rug Border

I have made a start on the border. It looks kind of festive, don't you think?
Tonight was the first time I picked up a hook for a few days. Remember I mentioned Sunday night I thought I was getting a scratchy throat? Well guess what......I woke up Monday morning sick, sick, sick. I did manage to get back to work today. I probably could have stood another day of rest, but quite frankly I was going STIR CRAZY at home.
I am feeling much better but still am coughing alot. Actually I had an amazingly productive day at work. I think the trick was that everyone was afraid to get to close to me so they stayed faaaaar away. Its wild how much you can get done when nobody is bugging you every 15 minutes. Next time I am really busy I might remember this "coughing" trick. Worked like a charm today!


  1. Glad you're feeling better Kim. I really like that border. Take care of yourself and rest this weekend if you can! Cathy G

  2. I like that green in your Border, that was a great choice. I have some Facial Tones Dyed.

  3. The angel rug is really great looking.
    Take care of yourself and have a happy thanksgiving

  4. Kim, I posted a comment earlier this evening~ don't know where it went!!! So again, I got your beautiful hat in the mail yesterday. I LOVE it! And it couldn't be softer. I just read about the yarn too. How cool!
    You're a real sweetie. And I do recognize some of the wool you got from me in your angel rug! It's a beautiful rug.