Friday, November 13, 2009

Primitive Angel started

This Angel rug is cruising along. I love this pattern and when its finished it is going to a very special person as a gift. I think that may be why it seems to be hooking up so quickly. Here is the progress so far.The background wool is fun. Corinne (Momz Wool) dyed it for me. Its got some red/burgundy, navy, green, grey blotches all through it.

Hopefully I will get lots more done this weekend. I had a day off yesturday, but instead of hooking, I went Christmas shopping with Dear Auntie. Mom was at her day group so we had a bit of freedom. I'm amazed how much we accomplished in 5 hours. Lots of names crossed off our lists and we managed to find some things for each other too.
It was a good week!



  1. I like it! Can't wait to see how you do that border......

  2. Your wool is dying as I write this message. I'm hoping to hook today as I can't get any work done.

  3. Oh, very nice, Kim... look forward to seeing the border, as well. Those colors in the background are super...