Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fa Lalala La La La

Its CHRISTMAS MUSIC time! I'm a sucker for all Christmas music. Today I finished fine-tuning and downloading more songs. My ipod is now set with a large collection of holiday songs (90+) on a playlist. It will be all I listen to from now until New Years Day.
If you see some strange chick driving around alone singing at the top of her lungs - its me! I have to do it alone because - quite frankly - I sing like a small animal caught in a trap. Hehehe its true. Both my parents were great singers, however it must skip a generation. As I have inherited my grandmothers singing ability. Her and her sister were the WORST singers. And naturally, they both loved to sing.
I remember when they got together, usually over a cocktail, they would start up. My grandfather would get a little grin on his face and run to the calendar, stating he was checking to see if it was a full moon! SEE - my twisted sense of humour goes waaay back!
Yesturday, during our little family drive, I put on the music in the car. Its wild, because my Mom can remember the words to songs. Once she hears the first line, she can sing along. Its funny how that connection is still there. So we sang along, happily, as it was nice to see her participate in something. This is a rarity these days.


  1. You know I don't think I'm there yet. There was Christmas music in the office Friday and it was more annoying than the usual noises.

    BUT when I get in the mood I'm borrowing your IPOD music, I thought you'd be thinking pink tonight LOL

  2. I don't have an ipod , but I play one of my favorites, Christmas in Dixie by Alabama from now till Christmas.
    Now I need to find O Holy Night.