Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another great day

After a night of coughing, I managed to wake up feeling pretty good. The weather was not too cold and we are still snow-free so I grabbed Mom and dear Auntie and told them to gear up for a road trip.
We headed to Moncton, a nice small city (AKA shopping mecca) about 35 minutes away. First stop - Swiss Chalet for lunch. Mom and Auntie are fairly fussy eaters but they love this place. Then off to 1 mall where my coffee stand is located. I love my Keurig machine but I waited too long to re-order coffee and I discovered this morning I only had 2 cups left and no delivery until next week. Poor planning on my part. So while they waited in the car I loaded up a bag for my caffeine fix. While the delivery option is convenient you have to purchase full boxes. When you are at the stand you can buy individual portions of tons of different varieties. A great way to taste before committing to a whole box. I have lots to try out this week - Cinnamon Danish flavor, Christmas blend, Winter Carnival and even Kahlua flavor. Heheh I'll be all hopped up on caffeine tomorrow!
Then to the other end of the city for some clothes shopping. Auntie and I take turns shopping and watching Mom. We managed to find some things for each other - so very productive. We have to do these short little trips now, as Mom tires easily.
Now its time to cozy up by the fireplace and watch a chick movie!

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