Friday, November 27, 2009

A little loopy from paint fumes or Handyman Saga Part 2

I have been after our handyman for months to paint the ceilings in the house. A few weeks ago I went a little banana's at him because I wanted them done before Christmas. So.....(here it comes....) he promised to do it and we agreed on that Thursday.
......I bet you see where this is going! Soooooo Thursday passes and so does the next one. BUT he did show up today at lunchtime. Woohoo Sound the Trumpets! He managed to finish all 4 rooms upstairs and the hallways up and down. And then he left. Promising to return tomorrow morning at 9am to finish downstairs. HAHAHAHAHA.
Luckily he has a good nature and sense of humor. As I was tormenting him about how I wasn't going to hold my breathe in the morning waiting, he quickly reminded me that it was him who moved my internet line a few months ago and he knew exactly where in the basement to pull the line! Hahaha OK one for Clayton that time!!
Stay tuned!

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