Saturday, August 22, 2015

Not a watchdog

Poodles are known for being great watchdogs.  Millie would sound like a Rottweiler when someone came to the door.  Abby seems to have missed that gene.  The doorbell rings and she just lifts her head.  She might bark once or twice a day, usually out of frustration during an episode of chasing her tail. I don't mind at all.  In fact I'm glad she's not yappy. However she proved to be not very brave this morning. 

We started out on our regular morning route at 7am.  We turned in to the side street and behind us heard vicious barking.  Well, she was running the other way.  I looked over my shoulder and saw a large strange dog about 3 houses down.  I couldn't tell if it was tied or not but it didn't seem to be chasing us, just barking.  Poor Abby was in high gear.  Instead of turning right like usual, she was running back home.  
When we got in house I unhooked her leash and turned to hang it up.  Normally Abby goes right to her dish after our walk.  She was nowhere to be found.  I found her here

She had bolted up the stairs. Lol. What a great brave watchdog she is.   Snort!

I would say her Momma isn't too smart either. We are still in a heatwave and I decided to make a beef stew with dumplings today. I only did it because I had bought beef stew meat earlier in the week and forgot to freeze it.  So into the slow cooker it went and it's now in the freezer.  I'll appreciate it more on a future colder day. 

It looked and smelled good but I couldn't bring myself to eat anything hot.  It's really too hot to do anything.  Abby spent much of the day under the sofa.  Occasionally she will venture out and sprawl out by my side 

Another day of sweating and moaning tomorrow 


  1. She is still a baby. Sasha was like that and then one day, she got her voice. It freaked us all out. I like that shot of her upstairs where it is safe.
    Urg, I couldn't eat anything hot either. I am so looking forward to cold weather foods. I hope it cools off soon. When I looked at your weather it said 94 percent humidity. I would be dying. Have a lovely evening.

  2. Sweet Abby. :) Our days are starting to cool down now just a tiny bit. We are getting lots of haze or smoke though from the wild fires up north and in eastern Washington. Smelled it outside today. :(

    Sure hope your weather cools off soon. Take care, Janet W

  3. It finally cooled off in PA. The nicer weather should be heading your way.

    Abby may get the watchdog urge later on. She's still a baby.

  4. Like my furbabies, once they found their voices, look out! Sweltering in Newfoundland too. Coldest July on record, and now, the hottest August! What will El Nino bring this winter!

  5. It seems cooler and more normal here today but we are overcast.
    so funny about Abby .

  6. Abby is still a puppy... just a baby really, needing her own momma to protect her right now... I wouldn't expect a baby to protect me, lol...
    She'll grow into a protective dog soon enough.

    The humidity is horrible here. I just went to weed the cracks in the old driveway and the sweat was dripping off my face. .

    I would put the fan on me and eat that stew especially with dumplings. yummy.

  7. The humidity in Delaware was delightful today and didn't even break out in a sweat when I did the push mower part of the cutting for half an hour. Then later was the hour of riding mower activity but at least the grass is done.

    I'm enjoying your baby Abby adventures and so happy you have a fur baby to snuggle and talk to when you get home from work.

  8. Oh my gosh! Too funny that she went all the way upstairs! 70 degrees will seem like an arctic freeze for you!