Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heat Rant!

I'm sorry but I was due for a good rant.  Here you's too hot......too damn hot!

And before anyone reminds me of last winter - I don't care.  I'm hot and cranky.  I'm no good in the heat.  I'm sweaty, cranky, uncomfortable, can't sleep, feel like a swamp person, miserable.....get the point?

To to add insult to injury, I had a doctors appointment this week.  Let me tell you, there is nothing to piss you off any more than a male doctor trying to tell you that menopause is a good thing.  He's never had a hot flash or a night sweat, had godforsaken hormonal mood swings or any of the other "treats" that go along with it.  He actually said "it's a good thing, just think you won't have to buy tampons soon". I swear to God, I don't know how I restrained myself from punching him in the throat. 

I wonder how he or any of his male counterparts would feel if a woman doctor told them that erectile dysfunction is a good thing.  Testicles shrinking to the size of peas?  Just think, you could buy smaller underwear.    Imagine!!!

If this heat doesn't break soon I'm gonna snap.


  1. Well just to ask, " How hot is it?" It should be over soon don't you think?
    I think I would have punched the doctor too. Nope, men just don't get it!!!

  2. Hi Kim, I have been doing some more reading this evening to try to catch up with friends. We had 56 degrees this morning. Usually with school starting it is hot. You have a cute little dog and like all animals if they want out they find a way. Hot flashes are not fun. been there, but mine was cause by surgery at 36/ Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  3. Kim, I think I would have been tempted to stick a tampon up his nose!
    Loved the comment about smaller underwear. Ha-ha-ha!

    Yes, it's too damn hot. And yes, i'm crabbolated in the extreme. Bitchy, cantankerous, unfit to live with. Whoever said that misery loves company?
    I'm miserably hot and sweaty and I DO NOT want anyone near me.
    Done ranting.
    Going to soak my head in a bucket of ice water....

  4. I loved the comparison ....might have to use that one.

  5. Central California....106 degrees earlier this week. I am thankful that it was down to 90 degrees today. LOL It's not really the heat that gets me, but the humidity. Anything over 50% makes me want to crawl into a bucket of ice.

  6. I am still having hot flashes after having the big operation 12 years ago.
    I know what you mean! it is to hot and I have tried and tried to not complain but you opened the flood gates I went to the hair dresser today to get a good chop as I have a fro no matter what the hell I do. I had a whole tube of product on today and it looked like I got caught in a down pour until I stepped outside and all bets were off,
    Here is praying for cooler weather soon before we both snap.

  7. You should have pulled the doctor's tongue up over his head!

    It was 100 degrees and then a day later it was 60 degrees and raining. I was actually cold! I hope it cools down for you!

  8. It's been hot lots of places. 98 here in Oregon (Salem)--way too hot for the NW. I am very, very thankful that we have a/c. I couldn't manage without it. I'm proud that you restrained yourself and didn't punch that Doctor, but he sure deserved it. Think I'd have to change Doctor's. I have to say though your ranting did give me a good laugh. Hang in there, summer can't last forever.,

  9. I think that most of us old girls know what you are going through but having some male doctor telling you that Menopause is good for you should have a big bucket of ice dropped down there where the sun doesn't shine.

    You might like winter better this year. I slept with the window open and kicked the blankets off while my husband teeth were chattering.

    I hope that you have an A/C to cool the house down. I don't have one and suffered through hell and back. Now I only get hot flashes at the turn of season. Both me and my friend Anne have noticed the same thing.

    A cool hug,

  10. Oh I hear ya, last week was unbearable with the humidity, bitched everyday!!!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  11. I enjoyed your blog today....I feel aweful that I got a laugh at your expense. BUt I agree, I am ready for cooler temps & Fall. How's the puppy doing in the heat???? Hugs, Tammy

  12. I get cranky as hell too when it is humid and hot. OMG Kim you are a riot. I am going send to my friend a link to this blog post and just know she will fall on the floor in wild laughter.

  13. Oh I hear ya...all the way around!

  14. Dying... LOL! I am sorry you are HOT though. Sorry about the laughing.

  15. Hi kim, i too hate the heat . It was 102 one day . You are so funny i could see your head spinning when he mentioned no tampons. Lol.