Monday, August 24, 2015

Finding dimes

Ok, I know this may sound strange.  Trust me, I kind of agree with you but here it goes.  Lately I have been finding dimes.  Enough so that it made me curious.  

In the last week I found one in my driveway, then a few days ago I found one by my back door and this morning there was one on the floor beside my bed.  Only dimes, no other coins.  And no I don't have holes in my pockets and I rarely pay cash for anything so why the coins?

When I found this mornings by the bed, I had to wonder what it meant. Seemed too bizarre for a coincidence.  So I googled "what does it mean when you keep finding dimes?"   A whole bunch of site came up but I clicked on this one’-deaths

Now I'm not saying I completely believe this but isn't it a nice thought?  From now on I'm going to pay attention and keep those dimes (if I find anymore). 


  1. I think I have heard of that before,,,what a sweet comfort

  2. You know what? I think that is the sweetest thing I have ever read. I have found pennies, but dimes is so unique. I love the idea and I think it is a special message to you.
    Such a sweet thing.

  3. When I went to Pictou Nova Scotia a few years back. i was at a retreat and on my daily walk I kept finding pennies. I was taking a different street every time and on every one of these walk I kept finding pennies on the road. I took a picture of it as it was the strangest thing.

    My retreat guide told me that I was always giving of myself to others and now it was time for me to receive. That was the end of finding any more pennies.

    I wonder what all this means with finding dimes. it so cool.

  4. It was the gift given by god to you and he needed to inform some message through this...

  5. Good morning, Kim. How very sweet. I think that God gives us messages every day, we just need to slow down and listen. I was telling a Native American friend about how I see eagles quite often, even though it is not normal for where I live. He said that it was God's way of telling me thank you for really seeing and appreciating His hand in nature. Have a great day!

  6. I had never heard about finding dimes. I only find pennies and one time a dollar. It is a wonderful thought and I am keeping my eyes open for dimes now.

  7. Good for you, Kim! I do keep my eyes open for coins on the pavement when I am out, but usually find only pennies. xo Nellie

  8. I didn't even have to read that link to know that I believe it. I find coins all the time; mostly pennies but sometimes dimes, quarters and other denominations of coin and paper. My belief they are coming from my departed family, particularly my paternal grandfather and mother. BTW, I have a zip makeup case I keep all those coins in and they have mounted up. I figure that it is my 'safty net' for an emergency and don't spend it.So I keep it in my car just in case.

    So yes, when you find a coin say thank you to your departed and think about who may be giving you those gifts.

  9. Wow that's cool. :)

    I used find coins all the time. Not much anymore.
    Have a great rest of the week.

    Take care, Janet W

  10. May you find many, many more.
    Hugs :)

  11. Someone is sending some love your way! Enjoy the surprises! I'm a firm believer in messages from above!

  12. Well, I guess it's fun to consider ;-) Makes ya think...