Thursday, November 13, 2014

Randomly Ridiculous

Today I find myself befuddled.  I hear my sweet old Grandmother's voice in my head - "you know the world's gone crazy".  I used to laugh at her when she said that.  But today I found myself saying it over and over.  

You know, there is a lot of bad crap going on in the world.  And we have this wonderful tool called the internet which has infinite possibilities to do great things.......YET it seems like today all I saw online were references or images (shudder) of some quasi-celebri-tart's arse.  And I'm sorry but it's HUGE - like unnaturally epically HUGE.  It seems like a few years ago it would bring any woman to tears if someone said he had a big ass. But now you can bare it on the cover of a magazine ? .......come on people......

Enough!  The world does not want or need to see some chicks bare arse.  Priorities people!

And then tonight on the evening news (the NEWS, not an entertainment show) they did a story about the hot new fad.....the man bun

If this catches on I will be single for the rest of my life.    Rest. Of. My. Life. 

On a good note, I'm finally restocked on Twizzlers.  Bought an extra bag for emergencies :).  Sorry Cathy, I'm eating them -- not burning them.  

New project on the frame too.  I think I'm gonna love this one.  Might hate to part with it when it's finished.  

Tomorrow's Friday!  TGIF and Martini's for all 


  1. Haha I was sitting here laughing and Ron leaned over and read the man bun part and then he was laughing.
    It looks like it is going to be very cute that rug. A star is always a good place to start.
    Don't get me started on what I saw in Target. Oh my gosh. It was like a car wreck you know how you can't look away? Em's said, " Mom!!! stop staring.
    I am with your Grandmother.
    Have a great evening with those Twizzlers.

  2. So who's arse are we talking about?
    Man bun??? Puleese. I am just getting old and intolerant.
    Yes, TGTF ~ and payday. Life is good.
    I'd like some Twizzlers with my wine.
    Hugs :)

  3. Just because you have it, doesn't mean you have to show it. Guess some people will do anything for attention. Even if it's not good.
    I'm with Lauren. Just getting too old and intolerant for people's foolishness.

    Single for the rest of your life may not be a bad idea. I think Millie is a much better companion than most men I know!
    She doesn't eat your Twizzlers, does she??? Men would!

  4. Your grandmother was right on. The world is getting crazier each day. It makes me want to stay home and pull down the blinds.
    Most men would be too lazy to roll their hair in a bun... that's work...

    Now my eyes are hurting by just glancing at the big ass picture.
    I don't have Twizzlers to go with my wine. Enjoy your Martini.

  5. Man bun?! That is almost as bad as slouchy pants showing their underwear.

  6. Morning, not a man wearing a bun, hated the ponytail on a man, now this, uk!!!! Happy Friday, Cheers,Francine.

  7. My Dad used to say, " is the world nuts or is it me?" I hate the goofy folks out there who make millions doing nothing but are famous anyway. Twizzlers are a snack staple in my house!

  8. A "man bun"? Seriously??? I think what's even worse is...some folks think it looks "good" but then there are those who think bad taste is better than no taste at all.
    Like you, if that catches on...well, if that catches on, I'll be the last woman on earth to know but when I find out, I'll be on my knees every night, thanking God He made dogs.

  9. LOL ok now i am wondering what Farm Girl saw at Target. And adding two more words to what Shuttle Hook and Needle said..." or more" if you know what I mean.

    AHHHH!!! The world has gone insane... I need some chocolate. :)

  10. I am so sick and tire of that big fat ass who is famous for nothing. Make that the whole family. I guess I missed the man burn but come on it can not be happening to good Canadian men can it? Glad you are getting out for that drink but step away from the plastic candy!!!!!!:)
    have a great weekend!

  11. Yes, it seems nothing is off limits anymore when it comes to social media. Whatever happened to basic morals?!

  12. Kim, I thought of you after I ordered my own. Check it out. . If you want one it says order until 11/18 so guess they are not a shelf item.


  13. I don't know why she thinks anyone wants to see her big behind. I'm tired of her and her family of attention-seekers.

    The "man bun" has been going on here for awhile - usually more on the back of their head instead of on top. I will admit that it has looked good on a few men that I've seen but maybe that's because they were "model" types and anything would have looked good on them! :)

  14. My daughter watches the Kardashians and an equally as stupid, 'Geordie Shore' Uk tv prog.
    Both appallingly trite rubbish.
    She has no possible excuse cos I brought her up to use common sense!
    I can only presume that's a bit of her father in her.
    I saw the backside pics on Fb and thought she resembled some cartoon, graphic novel female - like the archetypal Barbie, a bizarre body!
    If all she's remembered for is an oversized, cellulite free ( that bit did hack me off abit lol) backside, then what a sad thing to have aspired to!
    And that daft whats his name, suits a bun - but that doesn't really say a lot lol
    Ive learnt that single is safer all round lol