Friday, August 24, 2012

What's wrong with this...

So it appears the stress of the week has affected me in strange and disturbing ways. This is what I chose to make for supper

Asparagus stuffed chicken, fresh beets and oven roasted baby red skinned potatoes

HEALTHY..........what is wrong with me?? It's Friday. Traditional junk food or take- out night! Not proper food - that I cook.... The whole experience was very disturbing. Heehee

Apparently Miss Millie was not affected by the weeks events or the lack of junk food. Have you ever seen anything soooo relaxed??

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  1. Mmmmm, hope it felt good to cook!

  2. Hello Kim, oh looks so healthy and yummy, mmmm. Love the picture of Millie, so cute. Enjoy the weekend, Francine.

  3. Oh it looks like a yummy, yummy dinner. I think it is nice that you cooked something good like that.
    Now you will feel wonderful in the morning. Lots of hooking in the plans? Have a wonderful evening.

  4. This is so weird. Friday night is always our pizza/junk food supper, but we had pork chops and baked potatoes. I defrosted pork for last night then decided to have pasta instead. Your whole meal looks delicious.

  5. Kim ~
    I had pizza tonight. My idea of eating!
    Miss Millie is just trying to take your stress away.
    Happy weekend to you.
    Hugs :)

  6. I love everything on your plate, just not the beets.

    Miss Millie is adorable.

  7. Your dinner looks better than the pizza I had for dinner tonight! {:^)

  8. Ha! We had pizza tonight! I don't think Millie looks relaxed, I think she looks dazed, confused, worried about you! Hope the rest of the weekend has some junk food involved!

  9. We had an herb thin crust chicken pizza from our favorite pizza joint. Your supper really looks delicious Kim! It seems I haven't cooked a decent meal like that all summer! Miss Millie sure looks ready for a relaxing weekend...... you both have a wonderful one!!
    Cathy G

  10. Millie's got it so right! She's just chilled and in her zone! LOL! So cute!
    BTW I love the way the stars look on your latest hooking project.
    Have a great weekend

  11. Kim, now I'm pining for fresh beets and I didn't plant any this year. I guess that I'll have to resort to go steal some from my daughter's garden on the other side of the hedge. I hope nobody sees me. lol... I can't believe that you are spurring me to steal. I'm usually so honest...

    I love everything on your plate. Good for you for braking a bad habit of junk food Friday.

    Millie is just pretending to be relaxed but her big black eyes is giving her away. She is unsettled about the change in your Friday eating habit.

    Hugs, JB

  12. Awe - if only we could be dogs. lol sandie

  13. I'm impressed! :) and on a Friday night!

  14. Beets, My toes are curling. Lol I haven't had a beet for about 20 years.

  15. EWWWWWW....Beets! Really?! ICK!!!

    But that chicken looks to die for! Yikes....Friday wasn't that long ago...what did we have for dinner? Hmmmm...whatever it was, it couldn't have been very remarkable.

    Love me my Millie shots! Too stinkin' adorable!

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin