Thursday, August 9, 2012

And the stereo played Hotel California

I suppose this will not come as a big surprise but I succumbed to the temptation.  It was too powerful to resist.

The glint of the fresh metallic paint.  The intoxicating aroma of leather seats.  The alluring blink of all the lights and gadgets.   The pure fun of starting the car from my iPhone.......

And the sound of Hotel California blaring from the BOSE speakers.

Yes, I bought the new car.   And I have a bit of an odd tradition.  When I was 18 years old I got my first car.  A real old beater but it got me back and forth to university.  The first time I got in it I was so excited - My first car!  And the song playing on the radio was Hotel California by The Eagles.  I never forgot that first few minutes in my own car.  I felt so proud and grown up.  So every car I have ever owned since then (now 10) I have played Hotel California as I drove off the lot.  Cassette tapes, then CD's and now an iPod. 

This afternoon I had my iPod all cued up and ready to plug in as I drove off the lot.  The windows down, sunglasses on and the volume up loud!!!

Here she is.......

This weekend I will be cruising and trying to figure out all the buttons.  Zoom...........


  1. What a pretty car! Have a fun weekend enjoying yourself,Cheri

  2. Hello Kim, oh my, she is a beauty, way to go!!! Also great song, classic,enjoy cruising this weekend my friend, Blessings Francine.

  3. You've had 10 cars in 10 years?!?! ;) That is an awesome tradition - and congratulations! It really is pretty sexy.

    1. Oh Meg, if only I was 18 ten years ago. Its a wee bit longer than 10 years!! But love that comment!

  4. It is a very pretty car. I am so glad you can go zooming around now. I just thought about you and Hotel California all day. You have had 10 cars!! Wow, I have only had 5 that is amazing. :) Well have a fun time with your new toy, it is a very pretty car. I like the color.

  5. She's a beauty Kim! Girls gotta have fun! Does it have all wheel drive?
    Cathy G

  6. Zoom Zoom Kim! lol I knew you would buy it! lol It's a beauty! Love the color! I have only ever bought 4 vehicles and the 4th was bought in January of this year. I drive them til they die with the exception of vehicle #3 that I kept because I have a daughter that will be driving soon and she can learn to drive in that. My husband's car is standard so no way she can drive that. My new truck is just too big for her to learn to drive in and it's NEW! lol Congratulations on your new car! Have fun this weekend driving it around!

  7. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful!!!
    Congratulations! Just in time for a weekend road trip.
    BTW, the Eagles have always been my favorite band. You can't go wrong with the sound of Hotel California!

  8. Congrats, Kim, you wild and crazy "thang"!!! Starting your car from the iPhone??? I'd probably never figure that one out. I still can't figure out how not to pocket dial from mine.
    You go girlfriend.
    Hugs :)

  9. Oooooh gorgeous! Many happy miles with it!

  10. Very nice...and what a great tradition! Happy trails to you!

  11. wow kim! congrats!! a new car!! should get you to lots of craft stores, quilt shops, thrift stores, lake ect..... enjoy!!

  12. Ah...there's nothing like the smell and feel of a new car. Congratulations on succumbing. Good taste all around...playing Hotel California is a very sexy touch.

  13. It's a beaut, Kim...enjoy every mile you drive...

  14. So pretty, so new smelling, so fun, such a big smile on the salesman's lips!! But you're smiling too so all is well! Have a fun weekend with lots of road trips!

  15. Zoom zoom is right. You go girlfriend! Love your new car! I bet as I am writing this you are out driving around with your favorite song playing and you have the biggest smile on your face.
    Nothing better than riding in your new car. Please don't give me the fever I just got mine paid for. haha

  16. Congratulations!!! She is BEEEEAAUTIFUL!!! And, somehow, just looks like you! (Now that I know what you look like...sort of!) Wow....10 new cars???? I probably should start pouting now....I've only ever had 2....and 18 is a lot further away from me than from you. Happy travels Girlfriend!! Smiles & Zoom Zoom Hugs ~ Robin

  17. It's a beaut! I completely understand - I got new car fever and bought one in March - everything shiny and new - no door dings - clean floor mats - new car smell. Have fun!!