Sunday, August 12, 2012

3rd anniversary Giveaway time

A few weeks ago I hit a milestone - I've been keeping this blog going for 3 years. I would have never imagined it.

And it's all because of my wonderful followers who are with me every post. Your comments always brighten my day. So in honor of this anniversary, and to show my appreciation, I'm having a GIVEAWAY.

It's open to my followers, but new followers are always welcomed (and appreciated). Just leave a comment on this post and you will be entered. If you mention it on your blog or help me promote it on your sidebar I would greatly appreciate that too. And you will get an extra entry.

Now I suppose you are wondering what you'll win.....

I stitched up this little pillow tuck for you. I've also got some local made goodies too - local Anointment soap (you will love it), and some local honey products - lip balm, soap, and honey sticks. A few hand knit wash cloths and a surprise or two....Or three...

I'll make the drawing on Saturday, August 18th.

Thank you for making this little blog experiment so much fun!


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  1. Happy Bloggiversay and I love all of those treats...LOVE!

  2. Awesome Kim! Such great goodies!! Congrats on 3 years of this blogging!
    It's true that we never realized when we first hit that publish button all the wonderful friends we would make! It's the best thing about blogging for sure!!
    Hoping and praying I win!
    Cathy G

  3. Happy anniversary!! Your giveaway looks very inviting.

  4. Happy Anniversary! (I'm singing the anniversary glad you can't hear it)...Looks like a wonderful giveaway! Thanks so much and good luck to all who enter! I've enjoyed your wonderful sense of humor and seeing your talents on your blog. I love telling people I know a real "hooker" who's just amazing!

  5. Happy Anniversary Kim! I have met so many wonderful people blogging, you of course being one of them... I would have never thought I would enjoy blogging so much either. Great give away. (BTW)

  6. Everything looks great!! Your pillow turned out wonderful. Congrats on Three years!! I am so glad to have got to meet you so I am glad you started blogging. I will email you later. :)

  7. Hi Kim, congrats on your 3 year blog, yahoo!!!! Count me in on your wonderful giveaway please, will also post on my sidebar for an extra one. Happy Happy,Francine.

  8. How fun! I love visiting your blog and following. Please enter me. I'll put this on my sidebar.

  9. Kim, being your friend has already made me a winner. HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY.

    I still remember when I first started to read your blog and you had made some happy face either pancakes or waffles, geez, I can't remember for sure but you were trying to make your mother smile . You had bought a mould with Happy Faces on it and the more you tried, the more she refused to smile. I thought that you were such a sweet loving daughter. And I still think that you are a sweet loving daughter today.

    Wow, you are very generous with your nice Give Away.

    Hugs, JB

  10. stitch too??? Yikes. You put me to shame.

    Happy, happy, Blogiversary!!! 3 - that's something. Wonder if I'll make it that long... :o What a wonderful package you've put together....but you had me at crow. LOVE that!!! Seems to have "me" written all over it. ;o) I would be delighted to be entered in your very generous giveaway....and am honored to have crossed paths with you. I've posted on my sidebar..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Happy blogging anniversary! Very pretty pillow!

  12. hi kim! im so glad you are enjoying that new car! and i love markets too. yea i found my self telling random people at the fiber fest that i have a blog so can i take your pic... what a great give away! i posted it to my side bar and linked it right to you. ( im getting so good at this stuff..) now watch my laptop crash. knock on wood! enjoy your evening kim!!

  13. Kim ~
    Congrats on your 3 years of blogging. I must say most of the time you make me laugh and a few times you've made me cry, and I look forward to each and every post!
    Pug hugs :)

  14. Hi Kim it's so nice to meet you! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. I enjoy making new friends and I must say, 3 years of blogging! Congrats! I've only been at it a few months and I enjoy it so much, it's like my own little corner of space and time that I can just be me and enjoy it with others with similar interests. The items you are giving away are so sweet and I adore the colors. I'll post on my sidebar tonight when I get to my desk top. Thanks again for visiting!

  15. What a wonderful and generous giveaway Kim. Congratulations on your three year anniversary. I am looking at a perfect little spot for that adorable pillow! Greetings from hot and humid Maine, Julie.

  16. Wow, Kim, that is just adorable...You can do anything. Congrats on your three years and as others have said, you make me laugh when I read your posts. I wish I had more time to read everyone's. I do like your very generous giveaway. I will advertise for you, if I can figure it out.
    Now do me a favour, will you? Just let me win ONCE on Zuma....LOL!!!

  17. Happy Blogaversary - sure would like to win your giveaway!!!

  18. Christina LundriganAugust 13, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Love your blog,

  19. Oh, I do love me a giveaway! How exciting!!

  20. Hi Kim, I'm a new follower and would love to be entered into your giveaway! Congrats on 3 years! I just started this year but having a lot of fun meeting people with my same interests. Stop by and visit sometime:)
    I will post to my sidebar as well ~ thanks so much,

  21. Hi Kim,

    Of course, I would love to have anything you made! I, afterall, was your very first follower.



  22. Love checking in on what you are up to. I feel like I know you.


  23. Helloooooo Kim!

    Having just discovered your writings I'm already:

    * coveting (you know in the good just would love to win way, not the runs with scissors way, lol) your crow pillow tuck and lovely giveaway package

    * longing for cheesy fresh baked muffins (even tho I'm on a mini-diet to loose 10 pounds - probably gained by consuming some other cheese related food) :-)

    * have enjoyed a (much needed) giggle or two reading the posts I've strolled thru so far - you are too funny - thank you!

    I will, without doubt, be back to visit (with a hopefully less wordy comment but don't hold your breath, I was banned from twitter for never being able to complete a full thought in 144 characters/spaces). Brevity of letter/word is not my friend :-)

    Nice to 'meet' you!

    Issy Faye

  24. Ah Kim what a generous giveaway. I so love your pillow. It is beautiful. I can't believe it that it has been three years.
    Amazing isn't it. I have loved every minute knowing you and being your friend.
    I will put this on my side bar honey.
    Love ya

  25. Hi Kim, I am a new follower and I found your blog through my friend Maggie who just happen to leave a comment above me. I would like to enter your giveaway if I might. It would make a wonderful birthday present to me. I have enjoyed reading your blog this evening. Have a wonderful rest of the week. A Missouri Friend.

  26. How excititng 3 years my how the time flies.
    I remember the first post I found you your oven door fell off and it was near a holiday I think You had me in stitches.
    I enjoy every post but pick me please!

  27. Hi Kim Congratulations on your anniversary. I enjoy your blog very much and your sense of humour amuses me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!