Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Bear"ly finished

I finished hooking the stars and sunflowers pattern (by Deanne Fitzpatrick). I had planned to turn it into a pillow but you know how lazy I am with the finishing. I was just about to set it aside and start something new when I remembered something.

Sharon over at the blog Moosecraft has been trying to catch up on a lot of projects that have been piling up. You know, basically making the rest of us look bad! I look at that half finished pillow in shame. (arrgh Sharon Lol )

So, I went upstairs and found a scrap of wool and finished the pillow. Tah Dah......

Here is a photo of the backing wool.

It is for sale, if you're interested send me an email.

The other part of this post is what happened last night. Just around dusk I was driving through our Industrial Park, which is a popular spot for walkers, bikes etc. There was a report of a bear sighting in that area last week. At the time I didn't pay much attention.
Well, all of a sudden this black bear crosses the road the right in front of my car. After a second of OMG and then fumbling for the cell phone camera, it was down in the ditch and out of sight. Crap, no picture. But he kind of looked like this

I drive ahead a short distance, still stunned and see this young woman walking a dog. Not a good plan I think. I figured this was strange and I could freak her out but I couldn't let her keep walking. I rolled down the window and put the dome light on, so she wouldn't think I was a serial killer. I told her about the bear and asked her if she wanted a drive home. I can tell you, she wasn't long grabbing her dog and jumping in the back seat. When I got home I reported it to the police and they were contacting Dept. of Natural Resources.

I'll keep you posted if they trap it.

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  1. Your pillow is wonderful and so cute. Yes, Sharon has inspired me to finish up my unfinished projects.
    So glad you saved that girl and her dog from being dinner. I had to laugh though, she might have thought you were a serial killer, so you turned on the dome light? but she went ahead and got in the car? That is hysterical, and I am laughing now. You just look like a very nice girl in a very pretty car. :) I hope they catch Mr. Bear.

  2. Wow,that's crazy! The most we get crossing the road around here is skunks, maybe a fox every now and then... And I've never heard of a vicious skunk mauling. I'm so glad you were in your car, and that you got that woman away safely!

  3. The pillow is beautiful.

    I am glad you and the woman walking her dog are safe.

  4. Sweet finish on your pillow! I bet it will be gone quickly!
    How kind of you to offer a stranger a ride! I'm sure she was most grateful!
    Hugs :)

  5. Pillow is fabulous...bear is not!! Love wildlife though!!

  6. What a darling pillow and the colors are so nice. It will surely brighten someone home very soon.
    Sometimes it takes someone to shame us into doing the right thing, in this case, finishing your pillow but you sure didn't needed anybody to make you do the right thing when you picked up this woman and her dog when you came upon that bear. That was a nice thing to do. I'm sure that she was very grateful. Hugs. JB

  7. What a lovely pillow Kim, very nicely done. I too have a feeling it will be sold quite quickly. You are a wonderful human being, goodness knows what might have happened to the lady and her dog. I do hope the bear is caught and returned to it's natural habitat. Have a good week. Hugs, Julie.

  8. Lovely pillow...I do like sunflowers. Very kind of you to rescue the woman and her dog. We've had many more bear sightings than usual this year in Maryland.

  9. love your pillow. do you live in the city? we have bears all the time here in our neighborhood. But I don't think I would want to walk my dog near one.

  10. Love the pillow and bear! (hope we don't have one in our Creepy Woods...a bear I mean, not a pillow!) We warn our kiddos about taking rides with strangers, but we just jump in when someone mentions a bear is on the loose! You have an honest looking face so I think the dome light wasn't really the determining factor in the serial killer category! I hope you have a "beary" nice week!

  11. I love how your pillow turned out - the colors you used are perfect! Soothing and cheerful all at the same time.
    Even in California we've had a lot of bears roaming through quite populated areas. Wonder what's up?

  12. The pillow is beautiful you did a great job and I bet you are glad that you got inspired after all to finish it, I know I sure am, love the colors you ended up choosing. Bears are no fun we have one that comes every year for our apples but as long as she stays in the meadow we just leave her alone. I can say she because every other yr she has a lili one with her YIKES for the dogs, so far we have meshed in the hills. I am glad you are not a serial killer and helped the lady & her dog with safety LOL

  13. lol! You're crackin' me up! :-) You have got to feel real good when you look at those hooked sunflowers and see them all finished into a pillow! You really did choose the best colors too! Good thinking to help that woman and her dog. You never know if the bear is sick and/or aggressive and might cause harm... hopefully he will get caught and relocated before any one learns of his intentions...

  14. Kim,
    I'll bet that woman and her dog were thankful a good samaritan came to their rescue! Imagine reading in the paper the next day...... oh! And finishing that adorable pillow was the right thing to do also!!! LOVE it!! Don't know how you can part with it!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!
    Cathy G

  15. Hello Kim, beautiful pillow,love the sunflowers, the the colors on the backing. Wow, about the black bear, neat picture though.Take care,Francine.

  16. I really like your pillow and love the fabric you chose for the's perfect, very cheery like the sunflower.
    Close call on the bear! I bet that woman with the dog is sure happy you came along.

  17. Darling pillow! And good for you, saving those 2 from possible harm!

  18. Great Colors, A bear! I am hooking a bear in my rug how funny. I would freak out if I was that lady! Have a good week, Hugs Cheri

  19. Awwww...such a sweet little pillow my friend. Love your finish. Funny about the bear. Well, maybe not for you or the walker, but we have quite a few around here....One even took a dump on our back patio step. And lemme tell you, that's a good size dump. :o What a great come on though...hope there aren't any serial killers reading your blog. ;o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin