Friday, August 17, 2012


Friday couldn't come soon enough this week. This week at work was crazy. Today was what I call a "3 olive day". And after supper, I fulfilled that thought :)

Supper tonight was great. The upside of today was someone dropped me off a pound of fresh haddock filets. I breaded them in panko and pan fried them with some zucchini. The fish was amazing. Literally flaking apart in the pan. I have enough left for a fish sandwich tomorrow.

I'm at loose ends creatively tonight. Several new projects in my head, a new rug pattern on burlap, 3 new stitching magazines, yarn for knitting, yet locked in indecision. So instead I sip my martini and blog. Sigh.....

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  1. I have to say to me the olives look delish! sandie

  2. Three Olives, blogging and delish fish sounds a wise choice for this evening - perhaps TOMORROW the creativity will flow because of the three olives, blogging and delish fish! :-)
    (sometimes a girl just has-ta relax)!



  3. The fish sounds really good!

  4. It's Friday night! You can relax and do it all tomorrow.
    It has been one of those kinds of days for me today and will turn out to be that kind of night I suspect.

  5. Sometimes you just have to take the time to put your feet up and drink...tomorrow is another day!

  6. yum! fish, zuccini and martini! enjoy!

  7. Kim, The fish looks good! I love panko. Another hot hot muggy day in California.We have been having a heat wave for about 10 days.I have never had a martini I like a sangria every once in a while. It's delish.

  8. Too many projects, too little time! I am so curious about people who don't know what to do with themselves! I should give them some of my ideas to make. And the real problem is that I have rug hooking and weaving and quilting and sewing projects all going at the same time. Have fun deciding what to make next.