Monday, August 6, 2012

Lordy, give me strength

OK - honestly, this is exactly how this started.....
The other day my black car got bombed by some apparently very well fed birds.  I took the car through the inexpensive car wash.  It did the job with the exception of a particularly vile "drip" on the drivers side door. 

The next day I took it to the serious super car wash.  Drove home only to discover it was still there.  Seriously??  What in the heck did that bird eat to produce that kind of indestructible poop???

Today I decided to be a big girl and take a wet cloth and wipe it off.   Oh oh,  its not coming off and its spreading in a sticky gooey mess.  IT WAS GUM.  Someone must have thrown it and it stuck to the door and melted in.  The more I wiped, the bigger and worse the mess became. 

CRAPPPPPP!!!!  So I went to my friendly downtown service station and Wayne removed the goo --- with gasoline.  Who knew??  But then it left a residue.  Then......(this is where I start to get in trouble) my favorite car salesman pulls in and takes a look.  Coincidence??  We will never know.  He says, just follow me to the dealership and I will wash the car for you.   My spidey senses should have tingled, but instead I thought "Hmm, free car wash".   Gee I'm stupid sometimes.  (No need to comment on that point - Lol)

So I go to the dealership and he washes my car.  Then he says, you should look at this and leads me over to a brand new shiney car.  And if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I get all starry eyed and stupid in a new car lot.  I should have run screaming to my car, but NO - I climb in and take it for a spin. 

It is soooo pretty and it has everything - Every.thing....  So many gadgets and pretty buttons.  STOP IT.....  I tried to play it cool and pretend it was just OK and I wasn't "in love" with it......... But now I can't stop thinking about it.  (Don't tell him)

I walked away.  But I know he will call me tomorrow.  I've been playing with the calculator and I have my "line in the sand" offer.  I hope he doesn't accept it.  I hope I can stay strong.  Lordy, give me strength.

(Did I mention it was all leather, voice commands, heated seats, keyless start - - - and I can control parts of it with my iPhone......)  

Can you believe this all started with bird poop?  I need to join NCA (New Cars Anonymous)


  1. Such a funny story Kim! lol When I first started reading I thought oh no that bird just keeps bombing your car everyday. I one that was doing that to my truck not long ago. New cars are always fun but I do hate the payments. My old truck is 10 and we bought a new truck in January but we kept the old truck. I was going to drive both but let's face it the new truck is so much more fun to drive and it doesn't smell old like the old truck! lol

    Good luck with whatever it is you are going to do about the new car!

  2. Stay strong Kim! That is what I have been doing. I look at the new cars and dream awhile and then forget it. ;-)

  3. Hello Kim, oh dear girl, thats crazy!!!! You should have bought a lotto ticket, think it`s good luck. Blessings Francine.

  4. Don't do it! You must be stronger! It was just a one night stand. You have to get over it. That car is really no good for you. It's beautiful interior and gorgeous eyes are lying to you! Once that ring's on your finger it'll turn into an abusing, cheating, drunk. Go have some chocolate and relish the thought of having a whirl, but be thankful in getting away while you could and don't return! ;)

  5. OMG Kim ~
    Only you could get sh** on, or so you thought, and end up with a new car.
    BTW ~ LOVE Meg's comment!
    Hugs :)

  6. Would it mean buying less wool? That would kill it for me! LOL! Like Suzy Orman says.... "Show me the money girl!"
    Cathy G

  7. Meg is so funny and so are you. Oh my gosh, don't do it. I measure every thing by wool now too. Cathy is right, think of the wool you won't get to buy.
    Forget the smell!!! The new shiny goodies will all break someday,
    I hope that guy doesn't call. :)

  8. I didn't even know birds chewed gum! Be strong lady! Or be fancy and cool...either way!

  9. Birds will crap on a new car just as easily as an old one. You can't buy a new one every week. Really, you can't. You've cleared up one mystery for me though. Now I know why our dealerships have bird feeders and fruit trees all around the lots.

  10. Oh boy!! Two years ago, I went to the dealership to get and oil change and ~ you know ~ I ended up with a new car!! They let me out of my lease early ~ they didn't charge me for the dent that 'somebody' put in the bumper ~ yada yada yada!! I have no willpower ~ I'm an enabler ~ go for it! You deserve it!!! Your other blog friends have common sense ~ I have none!! Show us all a picture when you get it!!!

  11. I know it isn't 'and oil change' ~ should be 'an oil change' but my fingers got ahead of my brain!

  12. Ahhhh, smell that leather!!!

    Your car gets dirty, buy a new one!
    Makes sense to me...

  13. This is hilarious! I'm so glad you shared, teeheehee! Maybe good to keep a little bottle of Goo Be Gone in your glove compartment. It removes sticky residue, supposedly even the stickiest residue in the world.

  14. You're cracking me up, again. So let me get this straight...the bird ate AND pooped gum? Am I being a little dense here? I'm wondering what kind of super bird could survive such. Well, it sounds like a series of events led you straight into the arms of temptation. Stay strong, sleep on it.

  15. you are always good for a laugh just when I need it. Stay strong if not post pictures of the beautiful new rig

  16. Sounds like me. The last car I purchased I didn't even test drive it! Thank God I love the car. Great post!

  17. Be strong! I always think ...Is it a need or a want? Hugs Cheri

  18. Do you know that expression Sh*t happens? I guess it happened to your car and now you are on the fence about a brand new one. I say go for it. You only live once so you might as well live in style. Darn birds!!

  19. Oh my heck! Guess I should have done my catch up from the bottom up. What a hoot....and these comments are just as funny. PLEEEASE don't tell my husband that the birds in Canada chew and poop gum....he'll drive his Hummer up there hoping for a new one. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin