Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall Bounty

Yesterday was the first day back to school in town.  On my way to work I watched all the little ones walking to school.  Some of them seem so small - much too tiny to be heading off to start a new adventure in independence.  I started grade 1 at 5 years old and I'm sure I looked small too.   Everyone looked so happy in their new clothes and backpacks, skipping along the sidewalk. 

I have to admit it - I had a tiny twinge of jealousy.  I always loved the first day of school.  (Clearly I was a nerd)  It was like a new beginning.  Even after all these years I still miss it.   I consider the fall to be the start of my new year.  I don't make New Years resolutions but I do make a Fall Bucket List - a list of things I want to do, change, accomplish etc. 

One of the things I want to focus on this season is eating a little heathier.  Its so easy, especially with the crazy schedule around here, to slide into quick and easy foods.  And those choices are rarely healthy.   So as luck would have it, a few days ago I learned about a local farm initiative through Deanne's blog.  You purchase a share in the farm and receive an assortment of fresh vegetables every week.  They deliver to a location in town once a week.

I had heard about these before but didn't realize we had one in this area.  I signed up and picked up my first package of fresh veggies after work tonight.  There is what I got for this week

I think its going to force me to cook better foods during the week.  I always make good meals on the weekends but slack off during the weekdays.   I can't believe I'm so excited about a box of vegetables.  Its a long way from hiding them in my pockets as a child!

Another bounty of Fall are the colors.  I'm using lots of rich fall colors in my current rug project but as I  hooked a bit this weekend I felt like I needed a bit more in contrast colors.  I grabbed a piece of each wool I have so far and headed to the studio shopping.  I found 2 gorgeous slub yarns in gold and rust to add to the mix.

I just love working with that slub yarn.  It hooks so beautifully and it has such a nice sheen to it that you just can't capture in  wider strips of wool.

There is just so much to love about Fall's Bounty.


  1. Wow Kim, you do have a different perspective on new beginnings than me. I should change the time of my new beginning as I do make resolutions that I break anyway in the new year. It makes sense to me that my new beginning should be in November on my birthday.

    On the other hand I don't even want to think about it. Turning 65 is as new as it's gonna get for me. lol...

    I love Halloween decorations and the rich fall colors. There's something about it that warms the heart. Your slub yarns are beautiful. I can't wait to see your project finished. JB

  2. I too need to get back into the habit of healthy cooking and eating. I am ready for slow roasted vegetables, homemade bread, with soups and stews. Tis cold and rainy here tonight, I really would like a wood fire, but hubby declined my suggestion. Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  3. Oops, it seems that I totally forgot to congratulate you on eating healthier. Those veggies looks just like what comes out of my garden. It seems like a great investment and you don't have to plant and till and weed like me. You got a bargain and you don't even to have dirty your hands or have a sore back and mosquitos bite and sunburns. Yes you are getting a darn good investment and a good bargain I would say... JB

  4. I just love this post Kim, such a nice and homey one. It is so nice to see your vegetables that you got today. It looks like it would be fun to go and get a box like that once a week.
    I really love your yarn. I do love working with yarn too. I think it is the feel of it in my hands.
    Have a lovely evening.

  5. Hmmmm....that farm share doesn't produce sunflowers, does it? ;o) Veggies look yummy....I'd be stuck figuring out quite what to do with them all....hey - how's about a veggie soup?? (Heck - I might even be hard pressed to name them all!) Good for you...but, thanks a lot for the guilt trip. Well, I knew I liked you for a couple of reasons - add nerdiness to the list....I LOVED going back to school and still get all wistful trolling the stores and looking at the back to school supplies. There's something about the smell of lead pencils, crayons and paper that still can make me swoon. Love your new rug and am so, so curious to see what it becomes....You're such an adventuress! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Kim ~
    Congrats on wanting to eat healthier. I am a dietician's worst nightmare! (Diet Coke for breakfast!)
    Love that slub yarn!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Wow those yarns are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  8. I was just talking about how I always feel that the fall is a beginning...even more than New Years! I love this time of year and try to enjoy every minute..because I know what's coming....I too enjoy the colors and I'm even thinking of some kind of fall color on my walls..somewhere...hmmmmm

  9. Kim,
    What great looking veggies! It's great to support the initiatives and join the healthy way of life! I'm trying here and always looking for new ways to prepare more veggies. I have been eating lots of raw carrots. I think my ears may be growing longer??? LOL!
    LOVE those wools and yarns! Your entire post is inspiring! I'm right there with you celebrating Fall and all things nerdy!!
    Cathy G

  10. Good for you! Those veggies look good. I am wilting today from the heat can hardly wait til it cools down.

  11. Nice veggie haul! I find it hard to come home and cook after a long day. I did make chili and a really good spaghetti sauce on Monday and froze it for those night I just can't do anything else besides hit the microwave button!

    Love that slub yarn. I used to spin that way when I first started, I spin it too uniformly and can't seem to go back!

  12. What a great bounty of veggies! I could eat healthier if I had access to produce like that! :-) Love the colors in your latest hooking project... looking forward to seeing more! I was that nerd right beside you on the first day of school... for the same reasons... a new beginning, another year to "get it right", new clothes, new notebooks and pencils... and cooler weather! What a great time of life!

  13. I love veggies and fresh are best.
    your colors are amazing can't wait to see your finish project.
    great idea to start your new year when it feels new to you.

  14. Wherever did you get those beautiful yarns??!??!??