Monday, September 5, 2011

Time to put away the white purse

I was lost for a post today so I am repeating my post from last years Labor Day. 

White after Labor Day??

OK, I admit I am a little traditional and old fashioned.  Well, my dear Auntie says I'm only old fashioned when the situation suits me....but lets not go there!   LOL

But, when I was growing up there were hard and fast rules about white. 
1.  Never wear white before the long weekend in May
2. NEVER wear white after Labor Day

Now I realize that, like many things, these rules have changed with the times but I can't seem to change. 

This morning at work one of the young girls (mid 20's) came into my office with a huge grin.  She said "Look what I wore just for you"  Yup, she had on white pants, white shoes and a white purse!!!
She was laughing so hard, she said she had been planning this for weeks and was hoping I hadn't taken the day off!
Then, to make it worse, she said she couldn't wait to go show her Mother after work because she would be horrified too.   
HER MOTHER.........

OMG, I thought I was young but apparently I'm like their mothers!!!  That part was hard to take!  LOL

So what is your stand on White after Labor Day??? 
Did you change your purse today??
(I can't wait to see what she wears tomorrow......)


  1. Kim, I'm resisting following that that rule and I wear white until the snow flies. And yes I know I'm old because I'll be collecting Old age pension this November so I'm I've earned the right to do as I please lol... I think...

    Who made that rule any way?... it almost sounds like those stupid segregation rules like in the book "The Help"...

    I don't look down on people who wear white before or after Labor Day. I've got too much other rules to follow. Personally I prefer wear black tops and white pant or short when it's still hot. HUgs, JB

  2. Guess that rule isn't something I observe because I don't even have a white purse. I have one all -purpose brown one that I'll use exclusively till it wears out and then I'll get another. Am I a fashionista, or what??? It goes great with my all-purpose outfit of jeans and t-shirt/sweatshirt! Choosing clothing and accesories can be so easy! LOL!!!

  3. I'm not much on wearing white after Labor day...I guess I'm old too!

  4. I always thought the same thing ~ but I was told recently, by a younger woman in a store, that you can wear white anytime you want to! And she pointed out that was an old fashioned idea! I was ever so happy to have that pointed out to me!!!!!!!!!

  5. I pretty much wear darks and earth tones all year. I might push the envelope with sand colored pants or shorts... rather than what the fashion calls for I think I don't wear white because that will be the day the pen explodes... I brush against a counter that has ketchup on it... I get greeted by a puppy that hops all over... I spill my coffee... you get the picture... white is another name for "dirt magnet"... lol!

  6. This is the first post of yours I had ever read. I laughed and laughed at it. I am glad you reposted it.
    I guess those hard and fast rules we were raised with aren't anymore. I was just reading about this by some fashion expert and that was what they were talking about that it doesn't matter anymore. I don't know why it made me sad, I am still sad we don't wear hats and gloves. :)

  7. Hi Kim, Rules are meant to be broken. I think Life today is a lot less stuffy which is good.Cheri

  8. I'm right there with ya Sista....I know it's "silly" and may be "old-fashioned" but it will forever lurk in the recesses of my wee brain. And I also don't walk under a ladder, and avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks, and lose sleep over black cats that cross my path. Old ways die hard.....Happy Tuesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. I battle this the best way I know how -- I usually don't wear white. At all. I never know what the rules are, and let's be honest -- White isn't flattering on everyone. I'm more of a black person, anyway! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I try to avoid white, because of the whole, "it makes me looks fat" thing, but I actually fit into a pair of white capris, so that's what I'm wearing tomorrow! It will probably still make me look fat, but at least I can breathe! It's all about the breathing!
    Love your post!

  11. Not that there is a lot of white in my wardrobe anyway for many of the reasons already mentioned. I did put my white purse high up on the shelf this past weekend.


  12. That was always the rule in my house growing up. I have to say I use to follow it, but now it seems its ok to stray from it.

  13. I so remember that white rule. It wasn't that long ago(80's) that I remember thinking people were nuts for wearing black with their khaki pants in the summer.
    Too Funny, who made those rules.

  14. I have seen a winter white wool suit. I feel if you wear winter white and you fall down in the snow you may not be found until spring thaw. I do not wear much white for the same reason as courtney. My daugher would think me old fashion also.

  15. No problem, I just never wear white! O.K. the occasional white linen blouse. And if it's hot... I'll wear it today! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. Last year my daughter wore her white oxford shirt after labourday then she posted on face book that she is a rebell. Me on the other hand would not dare.