Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's Make a Deal

Remember that Game Show with Monty Hall - Let's Make a Deal?

Well, that is how my morning started - sort of.....

Or maybe it was more like an old fashioned Trading Post

The object of the early morning trading frenzy.......

Coffee K-cups

You know I am a coffee fiend and love my Keurig brewer.  A few months ago a friend bought one so I gave her a little gift bag filled with samples from my stash. 
Then she could try some out without buying a whole box and discovering she didn't like that flavor. 
On the weekend a co-worker bought a machine and I offered the same deal.  He was
thrilled to get his treat bag this morning and offered to buy me a replacement box.

I said No, this is today's random act of kindness, but the next time you try a new flavor you like - you have to share.

So the 3 of us got together and made an arrangement to swap new flavors and combine orders to save on shipping.  Plus we get to try new blends.

This morning was like the floor of the stock exchange
"I'll give you 3 pumpkin for 2 mud slides and a blueberry..." 

It is a little sad what the effects of caffeine can have on otherwise normal people.

When the new order arrives, I will give you my reviews.

In the meantime.....


  1. That sounds like fun!!!
    I love trying flavored coffees and have to have my own little coffee maker because Zip won't let me contaminate HIS plain unflavored machine with my foolishness.

    How nice to have other people with the same tastes to share the enjoyment.

  2. I think it sounds like something I would like being such a fan of coffee. I keep trying to quit or at least not drink so much, but then I love coffee.
    It just makes the day look brighter.
    I hope it has cooled off in your neck of the woods. We will be getting hot again so maybe it will cool off then.
    Oh to answer your question, I don't have any hens laying double yolked eggs this time of year, but I will in the spring. The summer is always hard on them.

  3. Well that sounds like fun! Unfortunately one more thing I am missing out on by being caffeine challenged. You just don't get the same kind of comraderie once folks realize you're talking decaf---it's like it's a totally different beverage.

  4. I'm not a coffee drinker, but something that promotes giving, laughing, enjoying, and sharing can't be all bad!

  5. That my dear friend is taking the art of coffee drinking to a new level. Now you've started a new trend. You are so smart... Enjoy your coffee sharing friends and have and think of me when you find that irresistible flavor. Hugs, JB

  6. I always make stupid mistake when I post too quickly . Be my friend any way... JB

  7. My friend has a flavored coffee machine it was delish! I just have normal coffee but I have to have that one cup to start my day, That was a great idea you all had about sharing your coffees! Cheri

  8. I love my K-cups - like a strong bold coffee. Can't wait to hear your taste testing results. sandie

  9. Ahhh...a pleasure shared, is a pleasure doubled...

    But - hey - if you're gonna try to tell me you had nightmares because of my girl in the mirror, I'm not buying it....My defense will be it was the caffeine!!!

    :o) Love the photo of the kitty!!

    Smiles & Hugs & Happy Hump Day! Robin

  10. When I saw your heading I started laughing. This moring husband picked up my purse and said holy cow what do you have in there. well I pulled out bithday candles,water bottle,spoons etc. I said I am prepared if monty hall comes knocking.
    What a great idea to trade them and then share the order.

  11. Too much fun. Great way to get a variety of flavors.

  12. Hahha that picture of the cat is pretty scary!

    Bastiaan has one of those coffee machines and he loves it!


  13. What a great idea. I have a Keurig and just bought 24 Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K cups for $11.00. They are going back with my daughter to school this weekend though,conveniently she is out of hers!!!

  14. Ha! My choice for caffine is Diet Coke--which I drink from the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night. I look a little like you cracked-out kitten by the end of the day! :-)

  15. I LOVE coffee! Flavored coffee, any kind of coffee! What a neat thing that you all did.....Cute kitty here!