Friday, September 9, 2011

Help - Part 3 - The Acceptance

Sometimes you just have to accept defeat.  It looks like I am stuck with my current settings and that there are no options to revert to the old blogger format.  Oh well, its not the end of the world.

I want to thank all of you who tried to help me. I received several emails too.  A few of you tried and tried and I truly appreciate it.  Poor April from Red Jack Rugs was on line with me half the evening, email after email offering suggestions.  Thank you April!!

I did find something today that was helpful.....

I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me today, and we all could probably use more calm in our lives. Some doctor on tv this morning said the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started.

So I looked around my house to see things I'd started and hadn't finished so I have managed to finish off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, a pockage of Prungles, tha mainder of bot Prozic and Valiuminun scriptins, the res of the chesescke an a box a chocletz. Yu haf no idr how bludy fablus I feel rite now.

Plaese sned dhis orn to dem yu fee ar in ned ov iennr pisss. An telum,u blody luvum.!! Xxx


  1. LOL I better see if I have any of "those" projects to finish up.

  2. I wish you were my neighbor!!!! We'd definitely have fun!! You're a stitch!!

  3. Hahahaha..Kim you always make me laugh!

  4. You are too funny!! Thanks for the laugh I needed it!!!!

  5. Oh Kim, I love your creativity. You could make a living with this stand up comedian stuff. Too funny, Girl.

    Hugs, JB

  6. Kim ~
    We love you for always making us laugh!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. OMG are you going to be okay. hahahaha
    Wish I could help you with this problem but I too did the same thing when everyone was complaining about not being able to leave comments.
    Believe me honey that is why my blog is the same headboard and background from the beginning because I don't dare mess with blogger I always regret it when I do.
    If by accident I figure it out I will be sure and pass it on to you.
    Wish you lived by me so I could really laugh

  8. haha, I needed a good laugh. I need to finish more things I have started today.
    It has been a long day.

  9. Thanks for showing me why I'm in need of "inner peace"! Glad you had enough of it for all of us! Have a peaceful weekend!

  10. Oh Girlfriend....I love the crap outta you!!! You make me laugh when no one else can!! Hmmmm....gotaa go c wht i cam fishinsh upp rond hear....:o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. hahahaha!!! I was at first horrified and thought I would NEVER achieve inner peace, now that you've shown the way, I think I can manage it!
    You are a woman of great understanding and insight. A true spiritual leader!!!

  12. Loving that wit of yours, as ever!! You always take those grrrr moments and make them great!

  13. Finish what we start! Now that's a new concept for me to think about :-)

  14. Lovin' your inner peace woman!! Sharing the laughs and smiles is your gift!!
    Thanks Kim!
    Cathy G

  15. You're cracking me up, Kim. Think I'll go look for so unfinished things, myself!!!

  16. LOL, Kim...when "Canada's Got Talent" comes around, you should try out....You are a charmer, indeed....

  17. your blog is just so funny! thanks for the laughs